2005-01-20 15:01:08 ET

I dont know if this will show up but i can always try

2005-01-20 15:03:55 ET

wtf are they?

2005-01-20 15:06:10 ET

wieeeerd little neopets people

2005-01-20 15:11:31 ET


they throw fireballs .. sweet

2005-01-20 15:16:22 ET

fireballs kick major ass.

2005-01-20 15:27:25 ET

Lol... awesome.

2005-01-20 15:35:52 ET

totally rainbow fireball action

2005-01-20 15:43:50 ET


2005-01-20 16:29:25 ET


you can't stop with the you-know-whats, can you?

2005-01-20 18:29:34 ET

what..the buttplugs?
yes, of course i can stop. I CAN STOP ANYTIME!!!1

.....ok so no, no i cant.

2005-01-20 18:34:20 ET

see ... you have a sick obsession with buttplugs.

stop, put down the buttplug and go outside. it will all be ok.

2005-01-20 18:58:14 ET

but...it loves me |-:

2005-01-20 19:44:46 ET

whatever they are, why did they have to be naked?

2005-01-21 02:39:34 ET

Naked is good.

And yes, it may love you ... but you might need to take a break from the butt plugging.

2005-01-21 02:46:39 ET


2005-01-21 06:01:14 ET

Flaming alien flying butplugs?

2005-01-21 06:23:48 ET

dear god,

please make the scary stop. please smite them down now with your all powerful lightning ... even though you have lousy aim.


the scared of buttplugs person.

2005-01-21 07:28:46 ET

Buttplugs are more afraid of you than you are of them.

2005-01-21 07:41:02 ET

i don't care. i'm still afraid of them.

2005-01-21 10:21:37 ET

the first step is understanding

only then, can you begin to not be afraid.

sub: flaming alien flying buttplugs, indeed!

2005-01-21 11:36:50 ET

I wanted to show the picture to my teacher and i did and i realized that there were so many comments that i said to her oh i have got to read this. so...
i was at the beginning where turbo said "...waiting for the you-know-whats..." and she was standing behind me i read this in front of my teacher... out loud... and to top it off she goes "oh my god" and i say "but they didnt say it." not know what exactly it was that he didnt say.

2005-01-21 11:47:11 ET


See Turbo ... You ruined it for somebody else!!!


2005-01-21 12:01:44 ET

lol. i thought it was funny. i was laughin really hard when i was trying to defend it. she just walked away. we thought it was going to be something like or . i never thought of buttplugs though. thats a good one. ::nods::

2005-01-21 12:03:45 ET

buttplugs are a running joke. someone link the girl that thread pls

2005-01-21 12:09:39 ET

lol, please do

2005-01-21 13:47:36 ET

and of cockfish...glorious cockfish.

2005-01-21 13:51:30 ET


yes...it all started here...for better or worse. it has since popped up in various other threads. and when i saw that picture, it was just too easy ;-P

2005-01-21 14:02:06 ET

i forgot i helped start the whole buttplug thing...:')

2005-01-21 14:02:57 ET

mmhm of course you did!
it was beautiful.

2005-01-22 13:56:07 ET

i think i like this part the best

Femmorpheus 2004-12-29 22:07:05 ET

Thats a whole lot of lava lamp going on. Jeebus. I don't know what inspired you, but I hope its not contageous.

2005-01-22 13:58:39 ET

im not even done reading it but my stomache hurts from all this laughing

2005-01-22 13:58:56 ET

i cant breathe

2005-01-22 14:12:03 ET

just dont hurt yourself (;

2005-01-22 15:20:28 ET

including the one above these are my favorite parts... i almost fell out of my chair sideways... and theres an armrest too.

TurboSkanker 2004-12-30 03:24:56 ET
im all about teh buttplugs!
<shifty eyes>

klemmy 2004-12-30 03:41:29 ET
and cockfish, dont forget about them.

ladyorion 2004-12-30 05:01:10 ET
Awww come on, it's not THAT horrifying.
Let's all say it together now, I'll start:
Your turn.

SubSonik 2004-12-30 09:47:06 ET
ok I'm posting the picture of you licking it in a com mon area at work LOL

Femmorpheus 2004-12-30 13:07:37 ET
You're right...that was fun...

klemmy 2004-12-30 16:15:53 ET

and then of course the switching of the words were a riot. cockplug... ok now that i typed it out im thinking that would probably hurt.. buttfish, fishbutt..hehehe, plugcock? clugpock, bushfutt, buttplug!
and then the refering to them a if on a menu

TurboSkanker 2004-12-31 06:34:21 ET
that and utilize BUTTPLUGS in new and exciting ways!!

klemmy 2004-12-31 16:25:09 ET
like as hats!

the fact that siren told her mom about the buttplugs.

klemmy 2004-12-31 18:46:21 ET
cuz she's cockfishophobic.

analog sky 2004-12-31 19:49:55 ET
she should at least give it a chance.

analog sky 2004-12-31 21:02:46 ET
Or how about a buttplug club for fans across the world?

TurboSkanker 2004-12-31 22:05:39 ET
i wonder...do they make buttplugs for FISH WITH COCKS!?

klemmy 2004-12-31 22:53:54 ET
or buttplugs in the shape of fish with cocks?

Siren 2005-01-06 17:24:19 ET
omg. she said buttplug. i'm mentally scarred now. just great. now i'm gonna have nightmares of buttplugs. large ones at that. shaped like lava lamps.
just freakin' great.

analog sky 2005-01-06 17:28:49 ET
what about a...FLYING BUTTPLUG

Siren 2005-01-06 17:32:09 ET
omg omg omg ...
you guys are rather scary. now, i'm going to have to be afraid of flying buttplugs attacking me. just great.

ladyorion 2005-01-06 22:21:12 ET
Is that like that flying toasters screensaver?
What a nasty visual.

klemmy 2005-01-07 09:05:04 ET
you could get butt plug protection panties. thick latex. able to stop the buttplug attacks.
but they are nice and shiney!
well you have to armorall them...
ohterwise thay are all dull and un shiny.
fine, be all dull with the rubber panties.

Siren 2005-01-07 11:30:51 ET
hahahaha ... i finally found a conversation stopper ... mention you're allergic to latex. that's so sweet.

klemmy 2005-01-07 11:31:36 ET
no wait...it's coming... alright. u can deflect them with, a chain mail thong. there we go...

analog sky 2005-01-07 14:08:17 ET
c'mon people, lets get back on track: flying buttplug.

TurboSkanker 2005-01-07 16:39:09 ET
anyway um...i wonder if theres any way to integrate a flying buttplug and cheese in a can into the same scenerio...<ponders>

analog sky 2005-01-07 17:13:38 ET
there are heat seeking missiles, right? what about heat seeking rocket buttplugs? they blow up airplanes and work as buttplugs while not in use. maybe technological advances will allow them to contain cheese, too...or maybe even open beer bottles. the possiblities in buttplug technology are yet unrealized.

klemmy 2005-01-07 20:14:36 ET
and let's not forget the rarely seen species of Flyingbuttplug, the flyingfishbuttplug. Deadly to many a thong wearer.

****TurboSkanker 2005-01-08 05:54:34 ET

ladyorion 2005-01-08 22:37:25 ET
BUTTPLUG!<<<this was really big for those that havent read it<BR>
this is so theraputic.

analog's buttplug search

ladyorion 2005-01-09 08:41:40 ET
I was hoping none of us would go visual.

analog sky 2005-01-09 14:27:12 ET
visuals are worth 999 words. We'd have to say "BUTTPLUG" that many times just to match to power of an image. I saved us all a lot of time.

klemmy's ever expanding buttplug

TurboSkanker 2005-01-09 16:09:15 ET
damn straight! that could even be your motto! "let us spread like an ever expanding buttplug" i love it!!
and hmm...everything's better in japan.

klemmy 2005-01-09 16:11:50 ET
i figure, ride on Gabe's coattails with the MC Crapalot thing too..we can make our tour called "Buttplugs For All."

...san frencisco reference and response... turbo's side job.. nicole's porno refrence. lol...

TurboSkanker 2005-01-09 16:41:26 ET
how fun! O_o
i still remember that life-scarring image of that bald guy sticking his head in that one bitch's vagina. its only a matter of time before some bald guy gets bored and is like 'hey! i know what ima do! ima put my head up yo ass!!!'

sirens continuous mental scars.
ladyorions picture making siren die. toaster refrence.

TurboSkanker 2005-01-10 03:34:02 ET
mental scars build character or something

SubSonik 2005-01-10 09:44:18 ET
... I always knew macs were gay =P

TurboSkanker 2005-01-12 03:01:20 ET
of course macs are gay
.....do they make buttplugs for macs?

ladyorion 2005-01-15 22:25:08 ET
Flying fish-shaped USB buttplugs with cocks in a cheese can?
You're on your own, buddy.

analog sky 2005-01-15 22:32:25 ET
I won't even bother to suggest that those should be nuclear powered.

ladyorion 2005-01-16 03:09:21 ET
NUCLEAR flying fish-shaped USB buttplugs with cocks in a cheese can?

Siren 2005-01-16 09:18:49 ET
dear god,
please protect me from all these buttplugs and cocks in cheese ...
thank you for listening.
PS: can you smite down those that keep coming up with these ideas?

siren got on her knees and begged for the thread to be killed... that was great.. and then pheonix responds with this
Phoenix 2005-01-16 19:11:29 ET
In that case maybe we should drag this out so we can keep you there. ;-p

Siren 2005-01-16 20:17:48 ET
Anything ...
though that's probably a bad thing to say ...
but remember ... I am down on my knees begging .......

aw hell the whole thing was hilarious. but these were my favorite parts.. tee hee hee

2005-01-22 15:22:09 ET

opps sorry

2005-01-22 15:22:29 ET

but its my page so its ok

2005-01-22 15:44:47 ET

I'm seriously afraid of flying heatseaking buttplugs that squirt cheese now. Ruined my abilities to be able to wear skirt.


And I still owe Pheonix whatever he wants ....

2005-01-22 18:54:17 ET

i feel so honored!!! <clasps hands over heart and sheds a tear>

everyone who participated in this deserves a complimentary buttplug. even you, siren! :-D

2005-01-23 04:20:59 ET

No thanks ... you can keep mine!

2005-01-23 04:33:50 ET

i'll cherish my complimentary buttplug.

2005-01-24 13:15:29 ET

do i get one?

2005-01-24 21:22:41 ET

of course!

2005-01-25 05:33:10 ET


I <3 SK


2005-01-25 10:47:36 ET


2005-01-25 11:31:03 ET

I <3 Siren too



no surprise here.

2005-01-25 11:41:17 ET


Sure you do.

I <3 you too. With BBQ sauce.

2005-01-25 12:03:32 ET

barbecue sauce on flying nuclear cheesefilled cockfish shaped buttplug. for that 'extra tangy' sensation!

...yeah i <3 sk too. and siren! this is all just out of love, of course.

2005-01-26 05:07:18 ET

holy shit that would sting!

try it with insanity sauce!

2005-01-26 09:39:52 ET

omg you guys are sick!

and i know it's all with love ..... a twisted love ... but love :D

2005-01-26 12:53:22 ET

dave's insanity sauce

not just for burritos anymore!

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