christmas tomorrow2004-12-24 12:55:46 ET

tis family tradition to wake the rents at 6am so i have to set my alarm clock fer 530 and remember that its christmas day, i prolly wont remember that though. ill prolly his snooze and forget its christmas altogether. hell i didnt even know christmas break was coming up, but look at that tomorrows christmas.
thats why meg wont get the present i sent her til january because i didnt know it was so fucking close to christmas when i first decided to send it but then it was too late and it keeps being too late ...::mutters::damn post office::/mutters:: ::sigh:: i told her what i got fer her cause she wont be able to open it tomorrow. its a "SafeCat" collar. the kinda collar that the kitty cant hang herself with. it unlatches if little kitty get into twouble. ::sigh:: i want a kitty of my own. oh well guess i have to live out that dream through megs. im sure she wont notice and wont mind me sending her kitty stuff :)
christmas tommorrow... ::sigh:: presents , damn it i want to get up as early as i can but i dont think i can get up that early this year... noone else is here to help me get up and im not that enthused like i used to be about christmas... its like i used to be all "PRESENTS, OHOHOHOHOHOH PREEESEEEENNNTTTSSS!!!!!!" all enthused and all but now its like "hey cool presents. thanks, wonder what i got" you know thats a big diff dontchya think? anyway Marry christmas to all and to all a good night

My sister2004-12-23 15:04:58 ET

I said i was ganna have an entry dedicated to my sister so here it is...
My sister Christine, is 14 years old right now.
if any of you guys get any ideas about her ill come over there and presonally chop yer head off. and im not talking decapitating. dont touch my sister and yer parts will stay in tact.
look at her dot on her forhead. i think its cute. she hates it... :)

anyway i love my sister as much as a mother loves her children. shes like a daughter to me, i was changing her diapers when we were both babies. she was a two day early birthday present for me.. :) thats how i think of her. shes a birthday present. it was for my 2nd birthday. she was my best friend and my sister and my playmate and my child all in one. i love her so much it hurts because we are miles apart. see the problem with our family is that we are all split up. Christine lives in Colorado, our mom lives in Florida, and im in Georgia. i have a poem that illustrates the day we were taken from my mom.Unforgotten Night
Christine and i have different Dads, thank god. my so called father is who the hell knows where. i dont want him to know about me and i dont want anything to do with him. from what i hear hes an alcoholic, woman abuser, and child molestor rapist, you name it hes probably done it. ::shakes head:: i cant believe my mom stayed with he fer as long as she did. im just glad she left him before i was born. theres a story behind that if yall want to hear that too, just ask.
but then after i was born, she got together with this guy named Glenn, real basterd from the start. my mom gets a check every month cause shes handicapped, and the "man" of the house would just sit his ass on the couch all day and drink beer. he didnt do anything to help her, just mooched off her check. then my sister was born.. possibly the happiest day of my life... dont remember much i jsut remember it was a baby and so was i. June 15th 1990, was the day she was born. two days bfore my 2nd birthday. so fer 2 days out of the year, we re only a year apart. lol, ive always thought that was funny because fer two day i cant say im 2 years older than her. :) anyway, everything changed one day. it was Glenn's fault, he had gotten into a fight with someone over a beer. obviously it had caused quite a stirr, bc the cops came to see what the matter was. that was when they noticed my sister and me, i guess we were pritty dirty and maybe looked a little thinner than we should have. the cops arived with themselves alnoe and left with three people. Glenn, Christine and myself. i remember keeping my sister sitting up on a bench once we got to the station. at least i think it was a station. when we were in the car leaving my mom, i stood up and looked out the back window. i miss my mom, and my sister, but i miss my sister the most because i never see her. i see my mom a few times a year. i see my sister once every few years. last time i saw her was in 1999 i think. 5 years ago. :( im not tooo happy bout that.
after they took us away they put us in a foster home.

then they took us from there and put us in a diffrent one. then finally when i was 3 and a half, i only know i was 3 and it was winter, so that makes me 3 and a half, but they took us apart. they sent christine to live with her father's parents and me to live with my mother's sister, and her family.
my sister is the greatest thing that has happend to me in the past. but that doesnt really say much considering my past.
no matter what happens, i just want my sister to be happy, and fer her to have everything her little heart desires.
I want her to be safe and happy. I love her with all my heart, shes like a daughter to me, only shes 18 years early, cause im 16 and shes 14, and i plan to be at least 22 when i have kids. :) lol shes still my baby sister no matter how old she gets.

ooooOOOOooooo pritty2004-12-23 08:21:01 ET

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