christmas tomorrow
2004-12-24 12:55:46 ET

tis family tradition to wake the rents at 6am so i have to set my alarm clock fer 530 and remember that its christmas day, i prolly wont remember that though. ill prolly his snooze and forget its christmas altogether. hell i didnt even know christmas break was coming up, but look at that tomorrows christmas.
thats why meg wont get the present i sent her til january because i didnt know it was so fucking close to christmas when i first decided to send it but then it was too late and it keeps being too late ...::mutters::damn post office::/mutters:: ::sigh:: i told her what i got fer her cause she wont be able to open it tomorrow. its a "SafeCat" collar. the kinda collar that the kitty cant hang herself with. it unlatches if little kitty get into twouble. ::sigh:: i want a kitty of my own. oh well guess i have to live out that dream through megs. im sure she wont notice and wont mind me sending her kitty stuff :)
christmas tommorrow... ::sigh:: presents , damn it i want to get up as early as i can but i dont think i can get up that early this year... noone else is here to help me get up and im not that enthused like i used to be about christmas... its like i used to be all "PRESENTS, OHOHOHOHOHOH PREEESEEEENNNTTTSSS!!!!!!" all enthused and all but now its like "hey cool presents. thanks, wonder what i got" you know thats a big diff dontchya think? anyway Marry christmas to all and to all a good night

2004-12-24 15:18:24 ET

yeah, but there's still a flicker of flame that wants to get all giddy...

2004-12-25 03:38:06 ET

i didnt sleep last night, i saw all the presents- not as much as we used to get but it was well worth it, i got so much good thing, scratch that great things. i just sat there after i opend them this morning. one at a time i would open it and sit there staring at it, just going "oh my god, oh... my ... god, im in heaven"
this is the best christmas ive ever had... partly because i got great things that i thought i would never get. partly because i talked to my sister last night. :) shes got a boyfriend ... ill break his neck if he forces her to do anything.
anyway hows yer christmas?

2004-12-25 03:39:19 ET

just got the gift from my mom, a big tin of flavored popcorn...they wont gimme the other ones...silly gf and her mom...

2004-12-25 03:41:13 ET

what are they waiting fer?

2004-12-25 03:41:46 ET

i think to eat.

2004-12-25 03:42:46 ET

why would they eat the rest of yer presents? yer silly klemmy

2004-12-25 08:42:04 ET


Have you seen the cuteness on my page?

2004-12-25 12:06:04 ET

yes yes i have

2004-12-26 01:01:07 ET

no i think they wanted breakfast then presents....didnt open presents till 10 AM.

2004-12-26 14:59:54 ET

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day.

2004-12-27 14:51:55 ET

my presents:

1]bunches of clothes that dont fit my sister coz shes too fat
2]6.1 megapixels kodak easyshare digital camera
3]kodak easyshare picture printer dock
4]some stuffed animals

2004-12-30 09:56:06 ET

Mery Christmas and happy New year.

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