My sister
2004-12-23 15:04:58 ET

I said i was ganna have an entry dedicated to my sister so here it is...
My sister Christine, is 14 years old right now.
if any of you guys get any ideas about her ill come over there and presonally chop yer head off. and im not talking decapitating. dont touch my sister and yer parts will stay in tact.
look at her dot on her forhead. i think its cute. she hates it... :)

anyway i love my sister as much as a mother loves her children. shes like a daughter to me, i was changing her diapers when we were both babies. she was a two day early birthday present for me.. :) thats how i think of her. shes a birthday present. it was for my 2nd birthday. she was my best friend and my sister and my playmate and my child all in one. i love her so much it hurts because we are miles apart. see the problem with our family is that we are all split up. Christine lives in Colorado, our mom lives in Florida, and im in Georgia. i have a poem that illustrates the day we were taken from my mom.Unforgotten Night
Christine and i have different Dads, thank god. my so called father is who the hell knows where. i dont want him to know about me and i dont want anything to do with him. from what i hear hes an alcoholic, woman abuser, and child molestor rapist, you name it hes probably done it. ::shakes head:: i cant believe my mom stayed with he fer as long as she did. im just glad she left him before i was born. theres a story behind that if yall want to hear that too, just ask.
but then after i was born, she got together with this guy named Glenn, real basterd from the start. my mom gets a check every month cause shes handicapped, and the "man" of the house would just sit his ass on the couch all day and drink beer. he didnt do anything to help her, just mooched off her check. then my sister was born.. possibly the happiest day of my life... dont remember much i jsut remember it was a baby and so was i. June 15th 1990, was the day she was born. two days bfore my 2nd birthday. so fer 2 days out of the year, we re only a year apart. lol, ive always thought that was funny because fer two day i cant say im 2 years older than her. :) anyway, everything changed one day. it was Glenn's fault, he had gotten into a fight with someone over a beer. obviously it had caused quite a stirr, bc the cops came to see what the matter was. that was when they noticed my sister and me, i guess we were pritty dirty and maybe looked a little thinner than we should have. the cops arived with themselves alnoe and left with three people. Glenn, Christine and myself. i remember keeping my sister sitting up on a bench once we got to the station. at least i think it was a station. when we were in the car leaving my mom, i stood up and looked out the back window. i miss my mom, and my sister, but i miss my sister the most because i never see her. i see my mom a few times a year. i see my sister once every few years. last time i saw her was in 1999 i think. 5 years ago. :( im not tooo happy bout that.
after they took us away they put us in a foster home.

then they took us from there and put us in a diffrent one. then finally when i was 3 and a half, i only know i was 3 and it was winter, so that makes me 3 and a half, but they took us apart. they sent christine to live with her father's parents and me to live with my mother's sister, and her family.
my sister is the greatest thing that has happend to me in the past. but that doesnt really say much considering my past.
no matter what happens, i just want my sister to be happy, and fer her to have everything her little heart desires.
I want her to be safe and happy. I love her with all my heart, shes like a daughter to me, only shes 18 years early, cause im 16 and shes 14, and i plan to be at least 22 when i have kids. :) lol shes still my baby sister no matter how old she gets.

2004-12-23 15:28:32 ET

Sorry to hear that you and your sister are very far apart. =(

My family is all scattered across the US and I never get to see my mom or half brother as much as I would like too.

2004-12-23 15:33:10 ET

yeah i know all about that sort a thing... makes life suck, and makes you realize how important yer fam really is.

2004-12-23 15:35:26 ET

Anyone who gets ideas about your sis from that pic should be blocked from your page I think. Way too young to get ideas about right there.

2004-12-23 15:36:47 ET

yeah shes 12 er 11 in that pic... ::sigh:: i havent seen her in so long i dont know how much shes changed

2004-12-23 17:43:30 ET

family is great except when they get in your head.

2004-12-23 17:56:10 ET

my sister prayed for me to be born..

she was nine.
and she changed her mind in highschool. when she started having a life.

2004-12-23 19:15:49 ET

Sounds bad. Why not asking your aunt or relatives to go visit her for christmas or new years eve?
I'm also impressed of how you can remember when you were 2 or 3 years old. I barely can remember when I was 7 or 8.

2004-12-23 19:40:28 ET

when i was 4. i cut the four fingers on my right hand pretty bad. cut through two tendons and a nerve. you could see the white bone beneath.

i was really lucky my dad is a paramedic. i remember crying. and falling to the ground. and i remember my dad picking me up over the fence. and running home with me. i remember sitting on the washer while he cleaned my hand up and bandaged it.
i distinctly remember taking children's tylenol.
i remember the car ride to the hospital. and this gross male nurse carrying me down a hallway. and i was worried about my butt showing. i remember several doctors and nurses sitting in a circle around me. and one could do a peewee herman impression.
then i remember the doctor saying he was going to give me monkey gas to put me to sleep. and then him asking if i could count. then him saying goodnight sweety to me.
then waking up and telling my mom how i hurt myself a little bit.
and i remember meeting a giant kangaroo.
and getting the cast.. and then the soft cast..
and i remember my sister popping my fingers in the cast, and it hurt like hell.
and i remember taking the stitches out by myself.

the end. hah

2004-12-24 02:16:04 ET

Very nice that you miss and talk about your sister. Hope you get to see her again soon.

2004-12-24 02:21:42 ET

that's so touching. I feel like my lil bro (he's 14) is like my lil son sometimes to. though he just lives half a mile from me...

2004-12-24 04:06:27 ET

I am the oldest of seven and when my yougest sister went to get married she told her fiance that he had to get my approval so he was all nervous when he came to meet me.

2004-12-24 08:33:45 ET

aaww thanks everybody

Malkavian- when something tha serious happens and you know some of whats going on you tend to remember it, the only reason people dont remember things that happened when they were young is because it just doesnt matter or they didnt understand it at the time. for me that event was very important and i understood what was going on, i knew i had to take care of my sister and that i had to be the big girl and try to keep what little i still had-mi hermana- but after a few monthes they took her too. ::sigh:: i was a devil child after that. my aunt told me a couple weeks ago i had an evil look in my eyes like i was saying ha i did it just to piss you off, because i hate you and i dont want to be and you ruined my life-only she had an actuall werd for it. i think it started with a d. anyway i was an evil child. til about a year ago, when i realized that life isnt so bad, that i wasnt put here to suffer. i was put here to be somebody and do something- not just make life miserable fer those that care about me.

aisling- that a cute story.
Vasa- thank you- i hope so too, but i doubt it. her grandmother thinks im no good. thinks me and my mom are no good. i think her son brain washed her. and i think christine was taught that its not good to talk to me. i think she gets in trouble fer calling me and stuff because whenever she calls me she talks to me fer a long time about everything-she thinks the world of me, i know she does, she brags about me to her friends. that makes me happy. but i dont appreciate the lake of effort her grandmother shows toward family togetherness. ::sigh:: im ganna go call her right now see what happens... ::shifty eyes:: im always afraid to call her. cause i dont know what to say anymore and what if she doesnt answer ot isnt there. oh well im ganna take that risk

2004-12-24 08:44:48 ET

::sigh:: they moved from the number we had. damn her grandmother.

Klemmy- thank you. im sure you have a closer relationship than me and my sister do.

James- i only hope my sis does the same. If she remembers me then.
Malkavian- oh and about the asking to visit, we have to confirm it with her grandmother first and if we dont know where se lives or what her number is we cant confirm it or find them even.
im just glad i still have my mother, and the people i live with.
::counts blessings::

2004-12-28 03:32:07 ET

how could you have been changing her diapers when you were babies.. shes only 2 years younger than you... but okay..

2004-12-28 11:55:48 ET

my mommy only has one good hand so she had me help and after a little bit i was doing it for her.

2004-12-28 11:56:03 ET

you know im a really fast learner

2004-12-28 12:41:54 ET

i wish i had a little brother or sister... but i got my little nephew!!! look at the pictures on my page, i finally got to meet him and hes like a little angel!

2004-12-28 14:59:59 ET

I started changing diapers somewhere in the age of 8 to 10 I do not remember the reason was the babysitter could/would not deal with green poo.

by 12 I was doing the laundry

by 14 I was cooking at least one (full) meal a week if not more.

By 16 I was signing my brothers and sisters permission slips, grocery shopping, making two meals a week, lending them money (until I could recoup from my parents for them) and occasionally calling the school acting as the parent when one of them did not feel like going to school and they could not be bothered to con my parents into it.

2004-12-30 11:08:52 ET

lol, ive been doing my own laundry since i was about 8... or at least since i could reach the buttons and dials. and i was 3ft tall when i was 3 so i was a tall child... skinny, anorexic, but tall.

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