ooooOOOOooooo pritty
2004-12-23 08:21:01 ET

Alternative Lifestyle. Alternative Gaming.

Gaming is love.

2004-12-23 12:17:23 ET

oh you lie this one too, eh!

When I saw it I almost pissed myself, "gaming is love"

2004-12-23 14:02:56 ET

i need a steering wheel and pedals for my need for speed game and burn out and i want it for mariocart too lol, i love the racing games.... and tetris.. SSShhh dont tell anyone bout tetris.

2005-01-04 04:36:03 ET

MARIO CART IS GOD!! and tetris is my secret love.

2005-01-04 10:47:37 ET

lmao faithy i love you

2005-01-04 12:14:06 ET

I bot ea sports nhl 05 the other day, because of no season its cheap. Wicked game too

2005-01-05 13:53:08 ET

nhl? whats that?

2005-01-06 02:04:08 ET


2005-01-06 13:55:54 ET

national hockey league? muy bien. yo soy inteligente

2005-01-06 15:56:30 ET

i dont pay attention to hockey..

2005-01-07 03:53:57 ET

I actually stopped watching it years ago, but I always liked the sorts games. I think I have owned almost every John Madden football game. Ea sports is amazing!

2005-01-07 11:31:03 ET

lol. yes video games are great arent they

2005-01-07 12:53:42 ET


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