2005-01-21 08:56:55 ET

hey chack it out

i made this in photoshop

2005-01-21 08:58:38 ET

It's umm kinda big but looks pretty :)

2005-01-21 08:59:09 ET

Wow, that's really neat.

2005-01-21 09:04:46 ET

thats neat. whats written on the other side?

2005-01-21 11:29:30 ET

yeah i need to resize it. oh i did resize it i just didnt have time to go back and re post it. i did all this in class

sub: it was language arts

2005-01-21 12:36:08 ET

i had to copy it and reduce the size before i could even tell what it was, but its pretty.

2005-01-21 14:53:36 ET

did you draw it on paper first?

2005-01-22 05:23:39 ET

Seems interesting.

It's not that is is too big. it's just that you should have a small thumbnail linking to the image.

2005-01-22 13:42:47 ET

Faith: yeah i checked it right after i posted it and i said "shit now i have to resize it". and then i didnt have enough time to put it back up so sorry. but i showed you the original before faith. you remeber? it was dark, in pencil and on the back of LA work. oh and i did a little to it in class one time. you prolly dont remember but oh well.

aisling: heres what i did. i drew it on paper and i scanned it at school, but when i scanned it i used photoshop to delete the darkest parts. which would be the white white inside of the name currently. then i delete some other dark colorings and vwa-la. its beautiful.

vasa: thanks .. i think. lol.
ill repost it smaller in a minute

2005-01-23 11:31:01 ET

ya i think i remember

2005-01-25 14:18:39 ET

very nice, very nice.

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