hey everybody dont have much time on my hands these days
2005-11-16 14:05:33 ET

so i guess ill say hi to everybody here
hi faith, hi klem, hi megs, hi gabe, hi malkavian, femm, james, ... and anyone i left out hi but my time seems to be gone now and i have to say bye and good night. maybe ill get a chance to get on soon and get some socializing in but theres a slim chance of that happening... i miss the old days when i had time for the computer and friends. but lately all i have time for is school and work and redz... aauuu redz i love him he makes it all better

2005-11-16 14:52:48 ET


2005-11-16 17:49:57 ET


2005-11-18 06:57:31 ET

quit your job.

i mean.. hi

2005-12-02 15:06:39 ET

i cant quit my job... i have a 400 dollar car payment which is causing me to have no money for gas...so im always borrowing dollars from people and adding up my daily hussling... i wish ... im ganna start doing that come to think of it
poop on faith cause we love her

anyway i need the car so i can get to school with out my mom missing out on the hours of work she needs to take care of me
its a hard'nuff life ... for-me.. its a hard.nuf.life...for.me see the musical pattern i show. klemmy you see it dontchya? faith never gets anything. but megs can see it too i know you can.
i shall be back

2005-12-03 01:09:36 ET

i sees it. it's a vicious cycles dem automobubles.

2005-12-03 04:30:04 ET

i get it, i just dont see why you got a car that costs that much! my car was 2500$.. but i guess not everyone can find a cheapo car.

poo on me.

i just found out that james isnt gonna die so im happy!

2005-12-03 12:34:45 ET

I see it!

2006-03-16 15:17:24 ET

i love you guys and i miss you guys. i've been so stressed out lately from school and work and i never have time for anything else and i had to take this whole week off from work just to do 1 language arts project. my week's sleep went like this, saturday night- no sleep, sunday night- no sleep, monday night-2 hours, tuesday night-about 10 hours cause i crashed, wednesday night i went to my room, called my boyfriend felt better and then went back to work on the research project. i just finished it about 1/2 an hour ago and i've been messing with my site even though im grounded...
mom: what are you doing?
me: my research paper
yall can back me up incase she asks ok... haha that would get me busted
anyway sunday night or should i say monday morning about 2:30 i realized i was doing it wrong so i crumpled up four pages of writing, went outside and smoked out in the moon light.. i sat out there for a while. it was serene and pritty. the moon was out. i was wasted and felt alot better about it when i went back inside. then i started working on other homework until 5:30 when i got ready for school. i talked to the teacher about it and she let me go ahead and finish it i was on genetic engineering of foods, gene therapy, and DNA testing. it was supposed to be on genetic engineering of foods, but i didnt read the foods part apparently... its due tommorrow thank goodness i finished because im failing that class already i cant let it get any worse...

i love you faith and megs and klem

... but not in that order.. i love you all equally just in different ways.
i hope i can get back on tommorrow. i really miss using all my time on the site. i remember when i would come home from school and ild be on here until my mom said "dinner" and then ild get back on when i was done with dinner... those were the days... but i never got to listen to klems djing all the way through because my mom makes me get off at 8 but she's asleep right now and thinks im working on a project so its all good
ill try and write again soon

2006-03-19 15:06:17 ET

growing up sux0rz

2006-03-22 11:18:17 ET

phew. my life seems so unstressful. all i do is sit here and clean the house and make food.

all that will change in may when i start school tho.

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