new boyfriend
2006-12-15 10:59:15 ET

I got a new boyfriend now, Robbie... actually he was my fling thing for 3 summers since i was 13. the other guy was too controlling and he was alwys unhappy i had to ditch him. i just wish i had figured that out a long time ago. i had to let it ride out though until i was sure i wouldnt regret it or wonder years later if i should have stayed. nothings worse than making the same mistake twice.
Robbie makes me happy and i've missed him for a long time so about 3 hours after i broke up with dave i called Robbie and i was back with Robbie 4 hours after i broke up with dave. and thas not even a record for me ... i feel hott. I replaced dave's picture with Robbie's. The only bad thing about Robbie is that i love him and i've always been in love with him but he always had a barrier around his heart so he never fell in love with me but he wants to be with me and he thinks he is falling in love with me but he's not sure so he doesnt want to say it yet. i think that makes me love him more... hes so sweet.

2006-12-19 20:27:52 ET

wow.. well.. congrats in that!
I wish you the best with your loved one.

it's curious, your last journal entry here was on 2005.. and here you are now, almost entering 2007

2006-12-25 01:52:47 ET

thats cause of my x boyfriend mostly. ya see my mom didnt like him and he didnt like my mom. and other than my moms computer i have very little access to the internet. therefore every fight that i had with my mom about my x prevented me from logging on to subkultures.
enough about the past. Robbie admitted that he loves me. he didnt want to let his barrier down while i was still living in Georgia but now that i am down in Florida to stay he has lowered his sheild to me.
you know whats trippy about him .... hes got the same name (Robert) and the same birthday (7-11) as my mom's boyfriend of 7 years. its kinda creepy but we all got used to it about 5 years ago and now its just really kewl. anyway MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

2006-12-28 06:07:15 ET

James used to be like that, all afraid to fall in love, it took me the last 4 years to break down that barrier, and me bailing him out of jail, and him going to the hospital.. ahh, but after all that, now he treats me like a princess...

anyway, thats crazy, 4 hours and you had a new boyfriend, i think the fastest i did that was like a week. just make sure youre not using this guy as a rebound.

2007-01-21 09:04:11 ET

all i have to say is that he is no rebound. the thing about it is that dave knew robbie and when me and dave first met i was with robbie. and i was inlove with robbie but he had that barrier and i couldnt stand it. dave was a friend that i hung out with and being the person i am i talk alot and i told him the things i didnt like and the things i did like about robbie. and he took advantage of that knowledge and used it to win me over. but over time i realized that dave was not the person that i was in love with. its been robbie this whole time and now we are together again and i have pretty much everything i wanted in him.

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