My toothbrush is purple.
2004-11-13 20:23:23 ET

Since a few days I was having a few problems with the computer; fucking spyware. I had the problem that every time I opened the internet explorer some popup advertising appeared, and is always the same old shit (casinos, adult sites, shopping sites, smiley central). So today I decided to try many different forms to remove them. First I tried unchecking the weird programs shown in the msconfig tool, but still didnít work enough. Then by typing ctrl+alt+del observed which programs were running and ended up the Ďbadí ones. With that I knew the names of the presumed bad programs. It happened being one file that always changed it name, located in c:\windows\temp as a .dat file, but it doesnít matter how many times I deleted I kept appearing with different names (random letters). I finally got angry and decided browsing the web for anti-spyware software and reading articles. I decided downloading one called NoAdware, since it was just a trial version it scanned my computer and found 7 Ďpestsí but it didnít deleted them you had to pay cradit card and such for the complete version of the program, anyways, that helped me letting me know the location of the damn spyware files, some were just there in the system file, but others I had to delete lines from the Registry Editor (regedit), and such: I rebooted the computer, but when opening the internet explorer some ads were still popping up (the changing-name file was still appearing); I was mad. So I decided for looking to another anti-spyware program, a more popular or efficient one, this one called XoftSpy. It was also a trial version, it scanned the computer and found 10 more files that the other program didnít find; so I was there quite a while looking the locations and string lines of registry to delete them. I got exhausted of it, apparently I deleted/removed all the bad stuff, but I was kind of tired to keep doing this shit with the computer.

So I leaved because we had a concert at night with a guest clarinetist and guitarist. It went quite well, then got back home, and the usual loneliness feeling took over me again. So I decided to listen some music and update the journal. To my surprise I realized while using the internet that it did work deleting the infectious advertising files man manually by myself, I finally got rid of fucking adware. Now I just wish someone could hug me. I'm off to go to sleep.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -
FUCK!! Just a while later after writing this, I kept navigating and the mutherfucker ads kept showing. So much work for nothing; the same changing-name.dat file keeps appearing. Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it!!!

2004-11-13 20:34:18 ET

Have you tried Ad-aware ? Great program for scanning and deleting that nasty spyware.

And I'd have hugged you IRL if I was there, but I just have to settle for giving you one here:

*big hug*

2004-11-14 05:36:54 ET

is it called like that? just Ad-Ware? where can I get it? is it another trial version? where can I get a complete shareware version that works fine?

2004-11-14 06:32:33 ET

YES!! Finally!!
I decided to read more about getting rid of spam and I downloaded a shareware (free) program to get rid of them, according to PC Magazine one of the most effective programs. I opted for Spybot-Search&Destroy. I used it and it did found more spyware in my computer AND it did deleted them by itself. Just so far I haven't seen any advertising pop up activity, I'm still crossing my fingers for it really worked.

2004-11-14 07:42:11 ET

Great, glad you and your computer worked it out ;)

2004-11-22 13:15:29 ET

ye! everything works now for you and me *big hugs*

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