2004-11-15 20:48:54 ET

Today, when I was in the bus heading the daily rehearsal some weird guy suddenly threw me a lighted cigarette and ran off. What-the-fuck? He mustíve been really doped or something, he had dirty clothes and seemed like drug addict or drunk, I mean, who just light up a cigarette and throws it to someone and runs off? It didnít burn me, it just fell off and it put out.

Today all day was cloudy, really cloudy, when all you see in the sky are tones of gray, ah, lovely weather. At night it started doing some wind but not hard, yet it did show some lightening within the clouds, I got to see one lightening just before entering home, it was beautiful, I lasted about a complete second, it was nice. Then it started to rain a bit, but not much, nothing stormy.

Other than that, Iím not feeling well about some subjects at school, and keep feeling lonely after the rehearsal at night; even when today I walked a girl a few blocks, Iím sure my shyness will ruin me for ever... agh... I wish I could always dream and dream, solely living in dreams... waking up always saddens me.

2004-11-16 09:36:00 ET

I wish I could be there for you. I would keep you company.

2004-11-16 12:57:59 ET

You surely would be from the best companies possible.

2004-11-24 16:00:50 ET

since i cant be there for you i guess ill be here for you :) ill keep a smile and a bag of hope for you, because you seemed to have lost yours.

2004-11-24 18:36:46 ET


2004-11-25 05:28:33 ET


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