2004-11-20 22:16:22 ET

Why should I be wasting air when someone else may breathe it? I always end up in the conclusion that really maybe no one will miss something of me... shit, Iím just saying that right now Iím feeling fucked up depressed as hell.
I was already very depressed yesterday and agreed to join a friend to a party thing, I went just for doing him the favor since he invited me and because heís probably the only person I could call friend, that I have talked more seriously; yeh, maybe heís my only friend at the moment. Obviously I did not had a good time at all, so I barely could concentrate me on trying to get drunk. I reached 6 beers and that was it for me. I went walking home at midnight say 30 or 40 blocks, I donít know. Then today the internet wasnít working well, but it is fixed now.

Oh, another problem thatís been shitting me lately is that Iím having breathing problems again. I few months I commented on this, and now itís happening again. I feel like either my lungs are too small or my nose too blocked or something. Itís a fucking pain. There are certain positions when Iím sit that I feel Iím suffocating and I have to stretch in many ways until I can firmly breathe well; and my nose, also feels so constipated. After somewhile I really hate breathing through my mouth.

Some one please throw me to the mud and walk over me.

2004-11-21 02:32:32 ET

I won't throw you in the mud and walk over you, but I can pick you up, hold your hand and walk beside you.

On the matter of your breathing problems, it sounds a bit like you have astma, have you been to the doctor about it ?


2004-11-21 17:56:32 ET


2004-11-22 13:10:19 ET

*hug* y i fixed my computer :) yay now i wont miss a thing

2004-11-23 21:05:22 ET

Heh. I've always liked more this place for apparently here I recieve more *hugs* that in real life.

I don't think it was about astma, yet I've always had sinus problems; I'm sort of feeling better now.

2004-11-24 11:10:11 ET

im glad you are feeling better, i think the breathing problems are anxiety not astma, because i have been through the same stuff before. i used to have anxiety attacks daily, (my breathing would speed up or stop all together, i would shake, i would somethimes cry even... very scarey) but mainly it was always my breathing that would be the main event. i think you should talk to a doctor about anxiety and depression, because i think thats whats causing your breathing problems and other stuff too

2004-11-24 18:39:51 ET

Perhaps, but I also always have problems with sinusitis, and it's in cold seasons when it attacks me more. I hadn't considered the anxiety factor though.

2004-11-25 05:27:30 ET

for me the winter just made my breathing worse, especially all the anxiety attacks...

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