2004-12-01 19:14:01 ET

Well, for strange that it seems, this I havenít feel that depressed since Sunday. Now that I think of it, Sundays is the day when I donít feel that bad like other days, maybe because I donít do much; and since then Iíve felt more relaxed, Iím not saying Iím all happy and shit now... I just donít feel like the last week, because I still must say that the last 2 weeks I felt really damn decayed. I guess I passed from the paranoiac depressed to the usual apathetic dreamer guy.

<geek>I canít help but commenting that on Monday or Tuesday I spent about one hour just looking at some fan sites of the tv show Iíve been watching lately. The Worst Witch. I donít know of someone here has ever seen it, but I personally find it extremely cute. I love the characters, and the innocent and amusing plots. So I was looking the internet for more information about it; I know it didnít get to be a big hit, but I enjoyed theyíre 4 short seasons. I canít help it, I find it very cute watching that show. From memorable quotes, to adorable clothing, it has been from the very little things that may put a smile in me lately.</geek>

Well, Iím out of classes, just still some exams to on Friday, next Monday and Wednesday, in which Iím not feeling very well about. Iím starting to prepare myself psychologically about flunking. I just hope I can have more time this vacations to draw something like I used to before. A few days ago I tried drawing random figures and realized that Iíve lost a lot of practice; damn, I need to practice drawing again. I just wish I could always be this motivated as I am now with music. Blah... Iím such an artist wanna-be.

2004-12-02 12:15:31 ET

first of all you shouldnt prepare yourself for failing anything. you should expect to pass and work hard to make that expectation come true. if you think you will fail then you make yourself fail.
and then your not an artist wanna-be... you are an artist!!! and dont you forget it... dont get big headed about it but dont forget it either.
those clothes are cute but i cant get to the quotes. dont have the right programs or whatever.
im glad you have come out of your hell and are ok now.. i was a little worried about you but i knew you would be ok
it's the little things that make you smile and the little things that make you frown... and even smaller things will make you cry or laugh

2004-12-03 22:02:19 ET

well.. the reasson why I'm more often prepared to fail is because it won't feel so bad if I do fail as if I hoped to succes.
the quote thing is just a wav file, should be opened with almost any program, strange. But they do put a smile on me...
So true what you say, somtimes... it's the little things that make you smile and the little things that make you frown... and even smaller things will make you cry or laugh.

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