2005-01-08 22:48:54 ET

Yesterday I had a weird dream.
[if anything else comes to my mind or something interesting to my life Iíll only be posting my dreams again].

It was cloudy, sort of raining, but not stormy, I wasnít sure were I was just that I were walking by some streets without a clue I wanted to go. Finally I started recognizing some places I knew I was close home so I wanted to go home. When I got there, I realized I didnít had the key, I was feeling like if I had a fight or something and strangely I had the idea that I had to go somewhere near for the key. The rain got I little harder. I didnít know why I had a knife, I just knew it. I was desperate looking for the key out in the rain crossing some streets. I found the key and felt like if someone was chasing me, I started running but not for being afraid of them, but because I just wanted to go to bed and donít hurt anyone; I had a knife, I was bothered. Before I got home I stopped and look around, no one was chasing me, it was my imagination. I screamed and yelled with my face towards the sky. I was all wet. I threw myself to the floor, crawled some and stood up. I had a knife, I has feeling some sort of annoyance in my right ear. I cut my ear. I felt all the blood coming out and dripping all aver my face. I wasnít sure if it was pain what I was feeling, but I was damn scared, I cut my ear. I was bleeding. I enter the house finally. I went to my room. I was bleeding. The phone ringed, I answered, it was my father, I told him I cut my ear and he scolded me saying I was stupid, that heís be there in a moment. The blood was still dripping through my face. I finally put a towel to stop the bleeding. I was feeling really tired and somehow dizzy. I just wanted to sleep, and ironically when I fell asleep (in the dream) I actually woke up. I touched my ears, and knew it was all a dream. Yet, wherever I go I still feel like the blood keeps dripping in m face.

2005-01-09 10:55:16 ET


2005-01-10 10:58:40 ET

yeh, really weird and I sewar I had nothing to do with Van Gogh, I haven't read or seen anything related to him lately, so I don't know why I suddenly had this dream of cutting my ear. mmh... strange, maybe the main issue of the dream was of feeling my own blood.

2005-01-15 10:51:34 ET

huh, that says alot. about your ear about your father. i hate scary dreams like that. i have been having alot of really bad hallucinations when i try and sleep lately. i don't think i've been eating enough though cause they are not based in reality.

2005-01-15 21:42:12 ET

Yeh it was a weird dream. Normally my dreams are more about people and/or having hopes on meeting a girls or having a close friend or something like that, but this dream in deed was different. The last wicked dream like this I had was about a year ago (I think I also posted here in long ago; about taking my brain out).
Hey I was also thinking that I haven't been eating enough as well, like only twice a day. Then started trying yogurts and it helped some.

2005-01-16 00:01:18 ET

NO!!!!!!i never read about that dream of taking your brain out!!!!!i wanna read it, i wanna read that post!!!!:D!

2005-01-16 10:49:41 ET ...uhm yup, it was more than 2 years ago.

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