2002-08-12 19:40:50 ET

Oh fuck it, fuck it, fuck it. ...blah. Iím just doing this because... so anyone may see how a loser looks like... whatever, I donít like looking to myself... I barely use the mirror for washing my face... so... I donít know if Iím going to keep this for a long while or not. Meantime, if, only if you really would like to see it... then:


Oh! I almost forgot it. If anyone interested in my piece of crap that I did (painted) that I mentioned in the previous entry, it is located in 3100 W. Northwest Highway Dallas, TX 75220, corner with 2909 Bachman Drive Dallas, Texas 75220. Now I really have to say that what I made there sucks so much ass, really, it doesn't worth anything, it sucks.

2002-08-12 19:47:27 ET

why are you so negative towards yourself?

2002-08-12 19:48:48 ET

Because I'm worthless.

2002-08-12 19:50:19 ET

why do you think that?

2002-08-12 19:54:12 ET

That's a very long answer... trying to solve in all of my journal entries here.

2002-08-12 19:55:39 ET

hmm. you can e-mail me any time to talk.. i know how it feels to be worthless. i can give you some advice if you'd like it, but right now i am off to bed.. g;nite and good luck

2002-08-12 21:03:12 ET

Girls would like you much better if you didn't put yourself down, darling. It has nothing to do with looks and everything to do with confidence. :)

2002-08-12 22:08:33 ET

why are you so negative all of the sudden? i think you are very cute. it doesnt matter what you look like anyway. i liked you for you and i still do.

2002-08-13 12:47:49 ET

YAY you put a pic of yourself up! Thank you....Your not ulgy....Your beautiful!

2002-08-13 13:13:38 ET

Not the first time I've heard of a sexy person with low self-esteem...but I'll never understand it. People just confuse me.

2002-08-13 14:20:23 ET

I agree you are very handsome. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. And look at all the ladies that would like to see you happy!

2002-08-13 17:20:51 ET

You've got no reason to be so worried over your appearance, trust me, you're pretty nice to look at sweetie, no worries.

2002-08-13 18:20:13 ET

i finally get to see you YAY!

2002-08-13 21:13:20 ET

I... don't know... what to say... eh. I still don't like myself. Though I'm neither of those people that would like to add/change something to their faces, sometimes I rather think it'd be better if I could live with a mask forever, I mean, whatever the face I would have, I wouldn't like me, but ...oh well... thanks anyway.

2002-08-14 03:46:35 ET

Angel is right, you DO look good :)

2002-08-14 07:50:35 ET

Malkavian, you man...I swear, dont make me go over there and kick your butt! I deal with women everyday that can sit and tell me that they are not beautiful...now I have to do my speech (clears throat) Beauty to an artist is in everything, it exists not as society defines it, but as nature describes it. Men and women are beautiful, their body in every form to an artist is beautiful. There is so much that goes around in society about how a person has to look and dress...it is rather absurd...dont buy into the system Malkavian you handsome man...because in doing so you cheat yourself out of the things in our lives that we hold so dear, and that is happiness....ok...(stands off soap box)

2002-08-14 14:25:26 ET

Well... manytimes it's not something about beauty in me or not (vanity in a man?!) it's just something of don't liking seeing to myself... it kind of reminds me "who's that dumbass you're seeing". But thanks Jeepjulie, I understand what you say.

2002-08-14 16:02:34 ET

da nada

2002-08-14 16:48:44 ET


2002-08-15 22:47:19 ET

YAY!!! A pic!!!!! *does happy pic dance* ;) cutie ;)

2002-08-15 22:53:05 ET

Can I have clones now too?

2002-08-15 22:55:38 ET

:o there's an Idea! *insert evil laugh here*
When I get back and moved into my new place, you got it!!

2002-08-16 18:29:53 ET


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