2002-09-08 22:22:31 ET

I... d... don't know what... d... did I do right?

Oh... I feel so... broken, squeezed... I...
she... replied back! I... just have emailed her back... I thik I'm dead...

I can't sleep... I feel so down... so... sad? aah! I don't worth a shit... I'm.... this... can't think clear.. I don't deserve ...

Why am I alive? I don't worth! I... nothing... ... I... should go away... I reallly don't have... I... I'm scared! What will she...? what will I...?

Oh... damn

...I... am... nothing...

2002-09-08 22:27:59 ET

i love ... .
you are so talented, i really like yer artwerk ^_^

2002-09-08 23:03:02 ET

you okay man? you're starting to sound like me when I'm sober. thats a bad thing :o

2002-09-09 00:52:11 ET

1) From what I have seen, you are an incredible artist. You don't have the faith in your abilities that they deserve- you are really good, whether you realize it or not.

2) Everybody gets rejected sometimes, so regardless of what happens, the important part is that you took the initiative and you did something. Without that, you end up regretting opportunities missed, and that is worse really that actually going ahead and doing something, even if it doesn't turn out how you hope. Believe it or not, it actually gets easier too, the more you do it, so regardless of what happens, do not get discouraged (of course, I am still not good at it myself, but I'm managing better). Besides, things might go great- and that never could have happened if you hadn't made the first move!

2002-09-10 20:07:16 ET

SO many thanks.

mavetgoth: Thanks, though I don't really think I'm that good, I'll keep trying to be better if you liked my works.

Olorin: Sober, hehe, yeh, ...cheers!

  • 1) Thanks, though as I said I don't have much confidence on what I do. Everytime I find something I like that I did I find another thing the disapoints me, specially when looking at other's works.
  • 2) I'm afraid I'm nay times too shy... specially handling these subjects, but you speak right, I guess, for now, only time will make more encouraged to problems such like these. Thanks again.
  • 2002-09-12 20:04:36 ET

    she wrote to you! celebrate! you made a connection with your beautiful Art...

    2002-09-12 20:10:32 ET

    Mmh... I just I'm too shy, I guess.

    2002-09-18 20:42:54 ET

    Sweet! Sounds like she may be a bit shy as well.

    2002-09-18 20:54:32 ET

    I'm not pretty sure she's as me, though if she was that would really help me a lot ...

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