I saw, but I couldn't be seen.
2002-11-06 08:53:28 ET

Yesterday my eyes were blessed. The girl I have been mentioning several time, the one I once give her a drawing of her without knowing us each other at all, I saw herÖ but she didnít see me. After a few times the she wrote me to my email saying that she liked the draw and I got very excited, yesterday I dared to go one more time to a place were I know she passes by, and from several times that I had passed there just to see if by chance I may see her but never had luck, and when I once thought I saw her but for fear to see her I ran out of there, now, yesterday, I saw her. I was there waiting to see her, but she didnít seem to show up, so I decided to leave, went a few block behind and I took a bus; there in the bus I was watching through the window to the street and finally I saw her there, in the bust stop, waiting for the bus too, but she didnít take it, I donít know why (she was probably tired), so everything I could do was glance at her from the window, but the window was one of those like darkened so the sunlight wonít hit too much inside the bus, that is, I could see her from the inside, but she from the outside I doubt she could have seen me. It only lasted about 15 seconds and the bus kept going on, but that little time I saw directly to her face, I was astonished so I didnít have the guts to even try to talk to her through the window, so I just saw her and she didnít see me.

The day passed by and I was still excited about it, so in the night I spent it trying so hardly to remember how she looked like to make another draw of her; so it was, I spent about an hour or more doing a Ďquickí sketch of her, but since my memory isnít that good I only ended up doing something similar to what I saw but obviously my draw isn't close to her at all, I wish I could see her more time to draw her again. So I scanned the draw and emailed her just a while ago, now Iím nervous again and donít know what to do, what will she do or think about it? This is really strange. Iím cold to think about it. Oh, and now that I recall, from many times I've written of her here, I've never said her name, so her name is Kathy. And with all of this happened the only thing I can say is that I enjoyed just watching her.

2002-11-06 13:59:58 ET

you're very shy in a poetic sort of way...

2002-11-07 07:27:12 ET

I think its sweet. I love your drawings of her. So let me ask you is your interest in her purely artistic because there seems to be much more there. I think you two have a great connection..now all you need to do is not run away lol.

2002-11-07 11:37:01 ET

FallenAngel: I think I've always been a ShyGuy. Damn me!
Venus: My interest in her is... I DON'T KNOW! Apparently it shall be artistic due to I love aesthetic beauty in women... in other ways... I think she's pretty, but we don't know each other at all! Like I've been saying I've only seen her, so I don't undersatnd that much when you say that I have a great connection if I've never even talked to her, barely written a few emails. But anyway, thank you for cheer me up. Though, uhm... I just don't know what to do...

2002-11-08 08:14:47 ET

I like shy guys...

2002-11-08 10:19:24 ET

Heh, cool I'm a shyguy then.

2002-11-08 16:31:17 ET

if it helps i have a shirt that says I like shy boys hehehehe. But i dunno i know you haven't talked to her much i am just sensing some weird connection.

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