Missed it.
2002-11-15 12:01:49 ET

Well, Iím kind of sad because I really, really, really wanted so much to go to the Orchestra Concert because there was going to be a presentation for Violin solos interpreted by Stefan Milenkovich with a Stradivarius!! This Stefan guy is a really talented admired violinist, was prodigy child since very young age, has played even for the pope, and was showing us a Stradivarius playing several melodies yesterday Nov 14th, such as well known "Campanella" from Paganini and violin concerts of Mendelssohn... But I couldnít go!!! Damn my fucked luck! The reason was because I didnít enough money in cash to a ford it and I couldnít take out from the bank because the card expired, and I didnít have anyone else close to take money borrowed, so I was sad I couldnít go. Even worse: The mysterious girl Iíve been writing about, emailed me saying that she was going to it, which put me sadder knowing that it might have been a good chance to finally meet her, but I couldnít assist. I wanted to go! Damn me and my fucking disgrace of shit.

2002-11-15 12:53:46 ET

Good luck with the girl.

2002-11-15 13:06:04 ET

geez that sucks... better luck next time.

2002-11-17 17:07:08 ET

She e-mailed you? When did you she start e-mailing you? Oh man... why don't you just meet up some other place?

2002-11-17 17:32:47 ET

SlightlyD, Pixie: yeh, well I hope this "luck" get better some day...
BloodyKisses: She started emailing me a few months ago, but I'm just fucking scared of meeting her, mayhaps I will soon, I don't know...

2002-11-18 10:00:56 ET

Don't be scared! You she be happy she e-mails you... that should give you courage.

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