For this winter.
2002-12-04 08:26:42 ET

Well, I hadn't updated this journal for some while, well, let's see.

  • The people from the violin classes are forming again thing to play on December 17th I think, you know, two melodies for christmass thing. SO we'll be doing rehearsals on evenings.
  • I still feel mediocre about the last thing.
  • I decided to start again to paint, but I discovered (again) that I suck so much, it's just so hard (to me), damn paints mix one to another and become diferent colors when painting and it makes it look not good... I mean, who would have tought that mixing yellow with black results green? bah, it will take several years to get me to paint something neat. Meanwhile I'll just keep adoring other's works.
  • So, just some hours ago until now, I've been searching and downloading much metal, yup, from diferents genres I guess, I am just finishing downloading this and this albums, will listen them for weeks and perhaps save some money to buy them and maybe also buy this one. Besides, Olorin talked about this russian metal band and I downloaded a few tracks and liked them so probably I'll bee checking them too. Moreover by searching music like this, I remembered I just LOVED the Black Opera Simphoniae album of Opera IX, so I searched for other albums and I just found another one that doesn't seem so known, anyway, it's called Maleventum, I downloaded the first track (with the same name) and I liked it very much, so it's for sure that I'll be downloading the whole album too. Besides from that I also started searching some bands at downloading random tracks from Otep, Jack of Jill, Mudvayne, etc.

  • Concluding, I'll have some audio to listen this winter. Will also have some patience trying to paint something and later post it here.

    2002-12-04 10:51:26 ET

    I was always a rather mediocre painter, although I've been considering trying again, just for fun. I've never been good at realism in painting though- I always thought it looked silly when I tried.

    You may want to try to write this girl a note if you can't get up the guts to talk to her in person. I find that I can write things down a lot better and easier and then just deliver the message when it comes to difficult things.

    2002-12-04 12:46:52 ET

    I like realistic paintings. I know it's really hard but I'v always like romantic/renaissance paintings... I just don't admire that much the pop art and all avantgarde thing...
    I know, I think I'm really diferent while writing than talking in person... mmh...

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