BWV 1043
2003-03-31 18:41:31 ET

Itís still being too hard for me to get web concentrated on lectures about almost anything. Even when itís something Iím enjoying reading, in a few moments later I end up distracting ironically by the ideas and thoughts that the lecture generated in me, thus I lose the readingÖ fuck, it seems random-thinking is the only thing I can do well, fuck, Iím not good with letters in deed.

Well thinking randomly isnít really that easy as it looks, itís Öuhm, well it happens when least needed, though, lately I havenít had those moments of thinking about a simple thing and ending up with a mega-philosophy about it like I used to before. Sometimes itís quite simple, just chose two decisions of possibilities for any single idea and it will bifurcate into so many that it will become a big theorem. I remember about a a year ago I started with something that only had to do with Ďmovementí, then it passed through Ďawarenessí and finalizing with something about Ďthe reality of cognoscible measured universeí.. heh, well something like thatÖ well I just do remember it was at night and I could sleep.

But lately Iíve been more fascinated about music; doing arrangements of melodies and practicing on my violinÖ oh yeah, so I forgot to say, Iíve now one year since I start taking violin classes, yep one year, so I guess I can now say that Iím no rookie anymore, now Iím a Öbeginer? Whatever, Iím glad about that; itís been a lot of patience, much patience, but yeh, it is something Iím enjoying.

note: BWV 1043 is Bach's 'Double violin concerto' I love it so much.

2003-04-01 18:39:27 ET

that's cool. it's been almost 6 years now since i've been playing flute (although lately i've been slacking).

2003-04-01 18:56:21 ET

Good, it's healthy playing music in any way.

2003-04-01 20:03:50 ET

maaaan! I wish I could take lessons! but as for now all I can do is continue being self taught and ignorant :(

2003-04-02 10:43:10 ET

Hey Olorin, in case you're still interested in the 24 caprices try practicing them on guitar, it should sound pretty awesome... violin and elec guitar, divine instruments! I bet Paganini would be some crazy subkultured like you if he had born these years. Read some about him.

2003-04-02 19:27:33 ET

I've read a book about him, quite a life the man had. but the thing is I lack technique and for that to improve I need someone to show me, otherwise my fingers just tend to get lost :(

2003-04-03 05:59:50 ET

Yeah, I understand, it's way easier having a gothish teacher telling you how to place the fingers in the right place and tricks to move them faster than just trying to learn alone witha book.

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