A shinny electropositive element: Metal
2003-04-05 20:09:08 ET

So, just say a word that you feel it somehow describes the way of a music genre and you've created a new style! I just don't know what kind of style should I say when someone asks me because everyone calls it diferent; so far I like almost every style these shinny good electricity conductor "Metals".

2003-04-06 10:39:22 ET

your art is awesome and heh i used to play violoin but i quit...but thats a secret of mine... lol

2003-04-06 19:55:49 ET

Thank you.
Why did you quit violin? was it too hard? I've only had one year into it and I already craving for play the most dificult pieces, but that's just a fantasy. Well, though guitar is the most popular intrument now days I still like it (specially when combined with metal and symphonic).

2003-04-06 20:29:23 ET

I used to play classical guitar when I was a sweet young thing. I've always liked the combination of classical and rock music. Fusion, goth, dinosaur rock... ;)

2003-04-07 10:36:03 ET

i didnt quit violin because it was hard actually i found it quite easy but i mean i just didnt enjoy playing it the time b/c my parents forced me into it and i do regret quiting.

2003-04-08 17:42:53 ET

I love you Malkavian...

2003-04-08 20:08:25 ET

heh, why, thank you, I love you too!

2003-04-09 11:11:34 ET

i heart kat!!!!

2003-04-09 16:31:17 ET


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