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2003-05-13 19:07:40 ET

Well, I for some while I’ve now been listening to some Cds: Therion’s most recent album (I think) "Secret of the Runes", which is really a good example of metal, symphonic metal. Also from Theatre of Tragedy the “Velvet Darkness they” fear which has a deep gothic dark sound in it, very enjoyable too; still listening to some tracks of Opera IX, and downloaded a few tracks of a group that my violin teacher recommended me: Rhapsody, it’s seem to be like power metal and has a lot of medieval ambient to it; and just some other random tracks of several artists. But even with all these above, I’ve finally made one great playlist which I burned to a Cd so I can listen it, it’s been really time since I didn’t found such great tracks to make a very perfect playlist:
1, 2, 3. Bach – Violin Concerto in E major (bwv 1042)
4. Bach – from Violin Partita No. 3 – Gavotte en Rondeau (bwv 1006)
5. Sarasate – Ziguenerweisen, Op. 20
6. Sarasate – Carmen Fantasy (arr, from Bizet’s Carmen)
7. Bach – Double Violin Concerto in D minor (bwv 1043)
8. Paganini – Violin Concert No. 2 “la Campanela”
9. Bach – from Violin Partita No. 2 – “Chaconne” (bwv 1004)

Definitely one of the best playlists I’ve ever made to myself to listen. Making a total of 80 minutes of music, all good tracks, and like the dessert, leaving the best for the end, a rally excellent melody “chaconne”, if you’re curious to know, it’s one of the best pieces ever written and you shall listen to it to understand why, go download it!! Now!!!

On other news, as I had said before, I didn’t have much time to keep drawing but I recently started drawing again so I’ll finish a drawing for this weekend perhaps. Yep, finally I’ll have something to update on my galleries.

2003-05-14 05:13:59 ET

I look forward to seeing your new drawing!

2003-05-17 13:10:23 ET

There, I've updated it now.

2003-05-18 00:19:40 ET


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