2004-02-09 06:53:54 ET

This weekend I had to say goodbye to a very special person. The only thing keeping me from being completly depressed about it is the fact that I WILL see him again. I know in my heart I will.

I love the way that whenever I think about him I feel happy and smile, though when I think about the fact that he's left I feel sad but happy that he gets to go home to his family. Whenever I look at the flowers he gave me before he left (beautiful red roses, I've never gotten flowers from anyone but my gay friend Lou, and I've never recieved roses), I look at them and smile.

I miss him already.

2004-02-09 06:54:52 ET

awwww!! that's so sweet!!

2004-02-09 10:00:35 ET

<3 <3 <3

He sounds like a great guy!

2004-02-10 08:53:15 ET

He is a great guy and definatly a great friend.

Even if he spoils me rotten :)

2004-02-10 09:28:22 ET

Consider it an added perk ;)

And I'm sure you spoil him in great ways as well. =)

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