2004-03-08 11:21:50 ET

Ok, the good news is that my cat Honey does NOT have Feline Leukemia Virus. The bad news is that they do not know what is wrong with her.

Mum just took her back to the vet for an IV and said that she looks absolutly miserable.

My poor baby.

2004-03-08 12:03:06 ET

I hope the wee beastie feels better!

Much love!

2004-03-08 14:00:05 ET

Some of the tests indicate that Honey may have a form of feline corona virus that is almost certainly fatal. Even worse: the virus could have easily spread to our other cats.

My sister would disown me if anything happened to her cat.

I feel terrible.

2004-03-08 20:04:04 ET

Its not your fault that this happened Luv. I empathize with feeling terrible because of the stress and worry, but don't place blame on yourself.


I hope this turns out okay.

2004-03-09 09:04:30 ET

First day of sick cat duty was interesting.

I hate the look on Honey's little face when I tried and force the syringe of medicine into her mouth.

2004-03-09 09:50:44 ET

It will get easier for her.

2004-03-10 05:14:35 ET

Second day of sick duty went much better. She was more patient with me fussing with her and the medicine. And she seems to be feeling a little better :)

2004-03-10 07:14:04 ET

I'm glad =)

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