2004-04-02 05:25:39 ET

I got the job at Hasting's that I applied for. That'll be two jobs, fulltime school, and arranging future education on my buffet plate of life.

Sleep is a crutch.

2004-04-02 06:31:23 ET

Congrats! I wish I had the drive you do, but I cultivate lazy like a little old asian man cultivates rice. Its frightening really. =P

I so need sleep anymore...

2004-04-02 08:59:32 ET

The sad part is that the government won't give/lend me enough money for school because my family and I make too much money, so I'll kill myself working to trying to work as much as possible to afford it.

But the government will see me making more money and assume that I need Financial Aide even less.

2004-04-03 09:22:10 ET

Ugh. Such a flawed system!!!

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