2004-04-12 07:13:05 ET

I've never been so scared and angry in my life as I did the moment I answered my phone and heard my mother choke through telling me that my best friend in the world had just been in an accident.

The scared part: hearing that her car had flipped OVER.

The angry part: hearing that the accident was caused by a group of four 18 year old boys who were speeding on their way to Mexico to drink.

Joanna was just on her way from her parents house and an SCA event when it happened. It's amazing that she lived.

She is very bruised and sore and has numerous staples in the back of her head. Her car has been declared totalled.

The other car is smashed up pretty bad but none of the kids have even a scratch.

It will be a rocky time ahead working with the insurance companies and everything.

Thank Christ Jo is alright.

2004-04-12 07:35:54 ET

Oh my gods.
I hope those fucking kids lose their licenses forEVER

2004-04-12 07:58:42 ET

I understand that accidents can and do happen. But if you are driving 75 mph down a 55 mph zone on rainy streets with residential turn offs on both sides....you are going to get into trouble.

And that's just what those kids did.

They were going too fast and following too close to see Jo's brake lights and plowed right into her.

Among all the things Jo was telling me yesterday that she was worried or upset about, she was really upset that she had been wearing her favorite SCA garb in the accident and they had to cut it off of her. She showed the garb to me and there is absolutly no way it can be repaired.

2004-04-12 08:25:53 ET


As much as I hate to say it, the garb was a small price to pay for walking away relatively unscathed. She could have been killed.

2004-04-12 09:53:24 ET

That's what I said, I think that she is still in a LOT of shock.

2004-04-12 10:52:49 ET

Oh, probably.
I'm just so, SO happy she's ok.

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