2004-06-23 14:59:13 ET

Absinth-honeyed tongue
Spoke in riddles
Spoke in rhyme
As rain fell upon my face

A man on my left
Sayin’ one day I’ll give in to life

If only I get to my knees
If only I’d take him in

With rough kisses I tasted poison
With rough hands I felt shame

Green honey clouded my mind
Clouded my reason

Rustling leaves
Caught me and held me close


Eyes unfocused
Looking down to pinned limbs


Flesh poisoning flesh
Filth that never washed away with the rain


A foolish trust realized
And one last whispered remark:

“Women are only meant to be used.”

2004-06-23 15:34:27 ET

Very interesting imagery. I like it.

2004-06-24 05:17:32 ET

Just a bit of healing I guess.

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