"You just had a near-life experience"
2004-08-17 17:54:39 ET

I should have been back in Flagstaff by now. I probably should have already gotten a job and my books and gotten ready for school.

I did not even make it to Tucson before I lost control of my El Camino on the wet highway. I remember everything. I remember hearing the tires squeel, I remember sliding on the highway, I remember the vehical rolling over, twice. I do remember hitting my head. I remember landing right way up and pushing through my things to call 911. Some really nice men helped me out of the truck because they thought it was on fire. Even then I knew that what they were seeing was steam from my busted radiator. I stayed calm long enough to try and call home and them my grandmother to tell her I had been in an ancident. Then I saw the car and started to cry. The men who had stopped (including an off-duty paramedic) made me lay down and not move my neck.

The paramdics strapped me to a board and put a neck brace on me. Every person asked me if I had been wearing my seatbelt and I answered yes. Then came the long ride to the hospital. They checked me over. My grandfather met me there, then my mother and grandmother.

I'm doing ok. It still really hurts but I do not really want to take all the drugs they gave me, they make me feel ill. No one else was in the car and thank god, I did not hit anyone.

I feel so stupid though. I've wrecked my car completly, so my mother will be driving me up to Flagstaff this weekend. Nothing in my truck (even with a full bed) was hurt, save for one small piece of furniture, and by some act of grace the 3 bottles of beer I had in a bag behind the seat did not even move. My laptop is also ok. Even the rolled up posters in the cab stayed put.

I know I'm lucky. Just looking at the truck convinced me of that. The passenger side was crunched conpletly, while the driver's side took significantly less damage.

I keep seeing it all in my head. I wish I did not.

2004-08-17 18:14:41 ET

*hugs tightly*

Oh, sweetie. I'm so happy you're ok.

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