2005-02-21 13:50:46 ET

RIP Hunter S Thompson.

Estrella War was wet but great. Jo and Matt's wedding was beautiful and emotional. I broke my one year stroke of celebacy. And I got a new hat.

More later.

2005-02-21 14:52:09 ET

Congrats on breaking the celibacy.. and do tell about the hat.

2005-02-21 17:05:42 ET

There were actually two fabulous hats.
1) A middle eastern pillbox hat. It's purple and suits my other middle eastern garb swimingly.
2) A russian hat made out of redbrown leather and grey fur. It is very warm and looks great when I put my hair up in braids.

Lots of other pretties and shinnies were got at war. I was throughly spoiled by my friends.

2005-02-21 17:12:18 ET

pics! pics! pics!

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