2005-02-23 13:37:49 ET

I just recieved one of the best packages in the mail ever. Back in November I wrote to one of my favorite authors, Check Palahnuik. Today i looked in the mailbox to find a package from him containing a letter, signed copy of his book Fight Club, a little duckie, a dalmation, a wealth of little Valentine's Day gifts, and a necklace the letter said that he made.
My day has been made.

More details later.

2005-02-23 14:17:17 ET



2005-03-06 12:49:52 ET

Aw man...... Lucky duck:) Covet thy Chuck parafanlia:P

2005-03-06 13:42:02 ET

:) I will, oh boy will I

2005-03-06 17:28:22 ET

Cool beans....Read all his books twice, including some authors that are friends of his. Still waiting forhis next book to be adapted into a movie:P

2005-03-06 18:06:52 ET

I'd really like to see the book Survivor or Choke to be adapted to the screen. Have you read his Stranger Than Fiction?

2005-03-06 20:18:50 ET

Part of it. Another author that he recomends is Katherine Dunn and her book,"Geek Love". The first few chapters are kind of slow, but a good read:)

2005-03-07 04:40:32 ET

I'd never heard of that author, but I'll definatly have to check it out, thanks.

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