April 12, 2005
2005-04-12 13:59:03 ET

This morning I had to have my third pap for this year alone. I know...TMI. But I HAVE to complain, at least for a little bit. The results of this last one will tell me if I have to get some serious testing done. They found abnormal cells on the last two, but the nurse said that it happens pretty often, goes away on its own, is so not serious that there is not a name for it, and is not a result of lifestyle choices. I'm a little worried, but not too much, I just HATE having to do the testing.

In other, less personal news: School is winding down and I cannot wait for the semester to end. I'm spending the summer in my hometown, so it will be nice to see everyone.

2005-04-12 15:30:59 ET

I'm sure everything's fine, luv.

Bleh. I need to have mine done soon.. it's been 2 years.

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