Speaking of wondering
2003-02-04 07:02:09 ET

An interesting question was brought up in my Latin class the other day. Just another amazing way that ancient poetry can intrigue the mind of today in the present's problem. Ask yourself: are you the sort of person who saves and saves, never to let a penny slip, so that when you are older, you can enjoy the high life? Or are you the person who focuses on the here and now, living everyday to the fullest, screw the future?
What if you are the saver? For fifty years you've saved and pinched, so that now you have a fortune under your belt. Finally, you can make big plans. But, sadly, this is the day fate decides you should die (this is putting all religious and spirituality, assume that there is no afterlife). What now? For a life of putting today's enjoyment aside, for tommorow's pleasure, all gone to waste.
But on the other side of the coin: here you live for today's sake and for the pleasures you can find right now. Life is good, you've been everywhere, and seen everything. But what about when you're 50 and can no longer work? How will you survive when there is no funds to live off of?
Which kind of person are you? In some ways, both are bad. You either put everything off until you are too old to enjoy it, or do everything now and leave nothing for retirement.
I guess I'm a mix, leaning for to the here and now. Sure, I have a savings, a meager one at that. But being a student, without the choice of financial aid, I'm very much broke. That depresses me, but at the same time, what little extra money I do have, is usually only saved long enough to enjoy something in the near future. Like going to Boston this past fall, or going to California last summer, or going to Estrella War (SCA event for all those confused). I only look to the future when I am thinking about school.
I don't like looking to the future. I don't see myself ever reaching or passing the age 25. I'm not one of the those girls who is thinking about marriage, or children. I don't see myself ever getting married, to be perfectly honest I think I would probably be a horrible wife.
There may not be anything for me when I'm older, but hopefully, if I reach that age, I'll have some stories to tell others about my being young and stupid.

2003-02-04 07:43:31 ET

I think I'm somewhere confused in the middle.
There was this cute little girl in the office today that I was watching. Sad thing is, I can see myself being a mom someday... not for a long time, but someday.

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