2003-03-20 10:54:07 ET

Everyone has different opinions, different feelings. Some have friends and family in the Middle East right now, some don't. Some condone the choices of our president and his council, some don't. There are some out there who love war, and others who would rather it never happened.
This is a difficult time for everyone. Sitting here wondering if my friends deployed in the Middle East will be coming home at the end of their 6 months walking, or in a box. Wondering if my father will be re-enlisted, if my friends will be drafted, if the planes I keep hearing overhead are holding soldiers looking for the last time down upon thier home. Wondering if this conflict will ruin our relationship with other countries. Wondering how people can be such assholes as to come up with "freedom fries" for christ sake.
Whether you believe one thing, or another is your own right. Whether you're proud of your country, or wanting to leave for what you believe to be better place. For right now we are One, we are United, we are American, and I, for one, find comfort in that. I feel pride seeing all those American flags flying tall and confident right now. President Bush's words of confidence comfort me to think that maybe there is a chance that my friends and family will be returning from war safely.
Post you're opinions if you'd like, it's your right to have them, even if we don't agree.

2003-03-20 11:22:28 ET

This proves some people are just idiots: http://www.nola.com/news/t-p/frontpage/index.ssf?/base/news-0/104771311168115.xml

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