2003-04-07 19:30:12 ET

Sailing on a ship
Just me and this crow

So lonely now
Just me and Black Bird

Sailing slow without a sail
No captain
No crew
Just me and Black Bird
That's all

He says "Where we going now"
But I could't answer him
My pretty Black Bird

How can you know where you're going
Without direction?

Little Black Bird,
Little Black Bird,
Show me the way
You always knew this sea better than I

Black Bird says
"You've always known the way.
I't up to you to get there.
Follow you're heart.
Follow your spirit, it will lead you there."

Little Black Bird flew away
But he'll be back someday
I'll find him when I get there
Someday when I find my way

2003-04-07 19:58:11 ET

Where is your spirit leading you?

2003-04-07 21:14:48 ET

I guess I'll find out when I get there

2003-04-08 16:01:18 ET

Is there anywhere you want it to take you in particular?

2003-04-08 16:26:31 ET

Part of me always wants to answer somewhere where my prince will be to take me away to his kingdom where I will live happily ever after, but another says that I want to go to a place where I can really understand and know myself

2003-04-08 16:30:51 ET

Maybe your prince will come and take you away to a place where you can really understand and know yourself and then live happily ever after?

2003-04-09 06:24:03 ET

That would be wonderful

2003-04-09 07:31:32 ET

I think so.

2003-04-09 07:43:09 ET

Or maybe your prince wont even have to come and take you away. Perhaps he will just stay there with you and turn your world into a kingdom where you can really understand and know yourself and live happily ever after.
But I don't know these are just my guesses lol. :P

2003-04-09 08:57:19 ET

All of your guess sound pretty nice though!:)

2003-04-09 09:01:32 ET

I think so lol :P

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