2003-05-18 19:49:30 ET

Just below the surface
A mirror reflects
All the world reveils
A reciprication of reality
Harsh and painful

How many pains can one suffer
Before a savior comes

How many injustices can plague one
Before Justice prevails

Men who starve
Women who fall
Children who fade away
All suffering
All deprieved of relief

Look into the mirror
Just below the surface
Stare at their own reflection
Accepting thier own fate
With thier last shred of pride

While those well fed
One thier feet
Stare in disgust and disdain
Forgetting that those who stand tall
Fall harder
Than them who are already on the ground.

2003-05-19 07:35:44 ET

Who wrote that one babe?

2003-05-19 08:05:10 ET

I did, lst night after I woke up from a nightmare

2003-05-19 08:39:52 ET

Thats really good. What was the nightmare about?

2003-05-19 09:36:13 ET

I dreamt there was a fire and it took away everything before my eyes

2003-05-19 15:00:53 ET

That sucks, I hate dreams like that.

2003-05-20 10:43:39 ET

me too

unfortunatly I have them a lot

2003-05-20 10:51:38 ET

Do you have a dreamcatcher?

2003-05-20 11:11:41 ET

Not anymore, mine fell apart a long time ago

2003-05-20 11:53:39 ET

Oh thats sad, I never had one but I hear they work great.

2003-05-20 12:23:44 ET

It never worked for me, nothing has so far

2003-05-20 13:22:22 ET

Hmmm perhaps there is something, somewhere that will work.

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