Caught on Tape!
2007-11-16 06:38:59 ET

So I went with a couple friends last night to a place called Lofflers. It's a pretty cool bar. Cheap drinks, pool tables, wood floors, has that 'cheers' feeling to it almost, but it's clean, not a dive bar, good crowd, no craziness. But what I love most about the place is Karaoke! Thursdays and Sundays! And it's close by! I'm SOOOO makin' this place a regular hang out from now on, especially since it's close by! Any and all or invited to come and hang out Thursdays and Sundays if you happen to live in the area. I think it's considered Stanton but i'm not sure. Cross streets are Katella and Magnolia. Anyway, so last night was actually the second time I've been there. I went last Sunday, and had a blast. Dug the KJ's, they had a good rotation, and loooved me! They told me about Thursday being another Karaoke night here at Lofflers, and I made the decision to go. Well, First let me say I did have fun, but it was a different KJ. Some old guy who had no concept of a fair rotation. Oh, and his selection was so limited! I asked him about it, and he tells me he's actually got over 200 cd's he hasn't put in the book yet...well, GET ON IT!!! Lazy. So, as usual, I owned the crowd, some cutie came up close while I was singin' Superstitious by Stevie Wonder(I do a mean Stevie for a white boy)and videotaped me! Kinda weird, but it fed my ego so I let it happen. Wonder what she's gonna do with it? Anyway, lot's of fun, just thought I'd share.

2007-11-16 18:56:17 ET

maybe your ugly mug will wind up on youtube.
you didnt even ask her or anything? youre not going to do to well in the industry if you let what ever chick with a nice ass record you and never ask whats going to happen with it. ;-)

2007-11-18 03:53:27 ET

She looked like just another semi attractive drunk girl. It didn't look like a 'Here's my ticket to the big time' scenario. I guess it couldn't have hurt to make conversation though.

2007-11-18 12:54:23 ET

the point is you dont know what shes gonna do with it. you know theres an online karaoke contest? like submit a video type thing.

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