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"Man is the measure of all things: of things which are, that they are, and of things which are not, that they are not" - Protagoras

Have you ever been on stage, doing what you're doing, and all the sudden you can feel the crowd, you connect with them, and you can feel yourself directing them, captivating them, like the moon to the tide, and you know, you KNOW, that for as long as you're on that stage, you own that moment, you own that room, and all the people there? That's where I thrive. That's where I live.

 One man's hell...    2007-12-13 00:40:34 ET
Alright! LOVIN' the new job! I get to help design rooms, flooring, decor, etc. and that's a lot of fun for me. I'll probably be going into management in no time. New developments on the 'offspring' situation! I love it when people prove you're right. It looks like I might get a chance to hang out with my dream-girl this weekend if all goes well! Singin'...get better everyday! Might get a chance to jam with some folks, see if we all fit for a project. We'll see.
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 Goulash...    2007-12-04 02:18:12 ET
I'm just gonna throw out an eclectic personal info-dump, so bear with me. So, Things look like they might be pickin' up for me all around. New job, one that will give me the flexibility I need to pursue a singing career. Familial ties are strengthening. A possible turn-around in a particularly disheartening 'offspring' situation. Ooh, Met a girl! Don't want to make anything of it yet, but you know how that initial meeting is so exciting...full of possibilities, that air of positivity. 2nd best feeling in the world. I have to say, she's a bit of a fantasy of mine, revisited after a 19 year hiatus. She's six foot, thick in all the right places(no toothpicks for me thanks), pretty...and blacker than an abandoned mine-shaft! Whooo, is she somethin'! Mm-mm-mm. She's got that pure ebony skin too, you know, the kind that's smooth, no blotches, makes her look like she's more statue than flesh and blood. Good lord. Anyway, I digress...
Havin' a blast goin' to that Lofflers place. Man, i'm tellin' you folks, you should come down, it's alot of fun! I own that place already. The bouncers and the KJ's, and half the regulars know me by name already. It's fantastic.
Let's see what else, what else...Oh, let's hear it for that show Dexter! Anybody else watch that show? I LOVE IT! This last episode was especially good! You know, I love that my mom and I are getting closer, but I can't stand the lack of discretion in our conversations now. She's entirely TOO candid! Some things you just shouldn't tell your children. Ever. Or anyone else for that matter.
Allllllright, that's all I can think of for now. We'll talk again soon!

 OPEN INVITE...    2007-11-18 04:10:58 ET
Tonight, at Lofflers, they have Karaoke from 8 till midnight. If anyone lives in the area and is free tonight, come on down and check it out. The place is a lot of fun! Hope to see you there!

 GAY...    2007-11-18 04:06:14 ET
So, I'm gonna rip on myself for a moment here...I love singin' in the car with the windows open. There's something slightly liberating about it. And it's just good clean fun! I was drivin' my friend home the other day, and as we're goin', I find this old motown station, and they're playin' September by earth wind and fire, and I'm havin' a BLAST singin' along and dancin' in my seat. I'm sure Tony might not agree, but I thought it was the bees knees! After I dropped him off, I did it some more! People are givin' me looks, and I'm sure I came off like the local weirdo, but I love thatstuff! I know some people probably think thats gay, but fuck 'em...

 Caught on Tape!    2007-11-16 06:38:59 ET
So I went with a couple friends last night to a place called Lofflers. It's a pretty cool bar. Cheap drinks, pool tables, wood floors, has that 'cheers' feeling to it almost, but it's clean, not a dive bar, good crowd, no craziness. But what I love most about the place is Karaoke! Thursdays and Sundays! And it's close by! I'm SOOOO makin' this place a regular hang out from now on, especially since it's close by! Any and all or invited to come and hang out Thursdays and Sundays if you happen to live in the area. I think it's considered Stanton but i'm not sure. Cross streets are Katella and Magnolia. Anyway, so last night was actually the second time I've been there. I went last Sunday, and had a blast. Dug the KJ's, they had a good rotation, and loooved me! They told me about Thursday being another Karaoke night here at Lofflers, and I made the decision to go. Well, First let me say I did have fun, but it was a different KJ. Some old guy who had no concept of a fair rotation. Oh, and his selection was so limited! I asked him about it, and he tells me he's actually got over 200 cd's he hasn't put in the book yet...well, GET ON IT!!! Lazy. So, as usual, I owned the crowd, some cutie came up close while I was singin' Superstitious by Stevie Wonder(I do a mean Stevie for a white boy)and videotaped me! Kinda weird, but it fed my ego so I let it happen. Wonder what she's gonna do with it? Anyway, lot's of fun, just thought I'd share.

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