2007-11-18 04:06:14 ET

So, I'm gonna rip on myself for a moment here...I love singin' in the car with the windows open. There's something slightly liberating about it. And it's just good clean fun! I was drivin' my friend home the other day, and as we're goin', I find this old motown station, and they're playin' September by earth wind and fire, and I'm havin' a BLAST singin' along and dancin' in my seat. I'm sure Tony might not agree, but I thought it was the bees knees! After I dropped him off, I did it some more! People are givin' me looks, and I'm sure I came off like the local weirdo, but I love thatstuff! I know some people probably think thats gay, but fuck 'em...

2007-11-18 05:17:27 ET

Haha, nah, it's totally awesome.

2007-11-18 17:41:41 ET


2007-11-18 17:44:16 ET

And yes you look fat in that.

2007-11-19 16:49:50 ET

Hey...As long as you have fun and it makes you feel good...Then go for it!

2007-11-19 21:16:24 ET

and this evening i got to hear Yes.

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