2007-12-04 02:18:12 ET

I'm just gonna throw out an eclectic personal info-dump, so bear with me. So, Things look like they might be pickin' up for me all around. New job, one that will give me the flexibility I need to pursue a singing career. Familial ties are strengthening. A possible turn-around in a particularly disheartening 'offspring' situation. Ooh, Met a girl! Don't want to make anything of it yet, but you know how that initial meeting is so exciting...full of possibilities, that air of positivity. 2nd best feeling in the world. I have to say, she's a bit of a fantasy of mine, revisited after a 19 year hiatus. She's six foot, thick in all the right places(no toothpicks for me thanks), pretty...and blacker than an abandoned mine-shaft! Whooo, is she somethin'! Mm-mm-mm. She's got that pure ebony skin too, you know, the kind that's smooth, no blotches, makes her look like she's more statue than flesh and blood. Good lord. Anyway, I digress...
Havin' a blast goin' to that Lofflers place. Man, i'm tellin' you folks, you should come down, it's alot of fun! I own that place already. The bouncers and the KJ's, and half the regulars know me by name already. It's fantastic.
Let's see what else, what else...Oh, let's hear it for that show Dexter! Anybody else watch that show? I LOVE IT! This last episode was especially good! You know, I love that my mom and I are getting closer, but I can't stand the lack of discretion in our conversations now. She's entirely TOO candid! Some things you just shouldn't tell your children. Ever. Or anyone else for that matter.
Allllllright, that's all I can think of for now. We'll talk again soon!

2007-12-04 16:07:10 ET

so I tried to upload that vid of you singing maroon 5 and the phone is telling me its too big. the good news is that its possible and just needs to be a wee bit shorter next time.

2007-12-05 13:00:12 ET

Ok, next time I come down Tony, we're stealing yer bro and getting our sing ON. Hells yes. It will be glorious.

And, Mr. Brother Man, I'm Jaime...I dunno how I missed your addition to SK land, but welcome welcome (what, a month late? hawt) and I totally agree with your blasting the music in the car, singing along and seat-dancing. Mmm hmm. Thats my driving life right there in a nutshell :)

2007-12-05 23:31:11 ET

Haha! Well, thanks for the welcome! And absolutely, next time you're in the area, I'd love to go and sing with ya!

2007-12-06 01:02:19 ET

Booyah :)

2007-12-06 01:11:31 ET

so when will you be here then?
oh and you and I will have to shoot some pool too. good thing we can do that all at once.

2007-12-06 11:57:59 ET

I don't know. Mebe spring break. I'll work on it. I know my boy has some friends in Huntington Beach, mebe I can steal him from work and we can drive down together.

I will have to bring my pool cue with me--your going down hunny ;)

2007-12-06 19:34:42 ET

I been practicin'. people are calling me shark lately. ;-)

2007-12-06 20:48:21 ET

That's not all they're callin' him, it's just the nicest thing...

2007-12-06 23:22:14 ET

teehee, tsk ;)

I'm supposed to be practicing with Ralph, but have been lazy so haven't really started. But he wants to teach me, and I want to learn. Who knows, mebe by the time I get down that way again, I'll be a shark m'self ;)

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