2003-08-11 07:40:40 ET

Anyone out there still!?

I found a second job....I work at my old job....with the animals.
Its a pet store. I worked there for a year and a half. Left...Now I m back.
My other job started giving me 40hrs right after I started back at the petstore....wasn t that convienent...
No one ever bothers me about my piercings there...which is a welcome relief...but they like to talk about my platform tennies....heheh.
I FINALLY got done with this hair trade I was doing for some grrl. She was making me stained glass, but then her torch broke, so she made me fused glass....I will have to post some pictures.
Peter is still jobless, I am pulling out my hair.
My sister s wedding is at the end of the month and I have no money to get to Philly, BUT now I m driving with my dad EVEN thoughI said I would NEVER do that again...great.
My brother did get permission to leave the state from his probation officer so thankfully he will be driving with us....
Other than that ....nothing else.

2003-08-13 22:21:55 ET

nice to see you back!

maybe your dad and brother will occupy each other and leave you to your cd player. ;)

2003-08-14 05:41:23 ET

uuugh, I REALLY hope so....
So we should start working on our trades...and maybe if I have time we can meet up in Philly!

2003-08-14 19:40:20 ET

that would be cool. really cool.

what would you like to trade?

2003-08-14 21:01:44 ET

I have no idea....I don t do much....

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