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Im a hairstylist in Fountain Square, which is located SW of downtown Indianapolis.




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2010-05-21 09:25:58 ET

I had this weird dream....

In it a man walked up to me and said, "what did the necklace say to the neck?"

"You cant look back."

and then I woke up.

Updated Photos!
2010-05-19 04:00:53 ET

I proposed to Jammy on Dec 25th, 2008 at 7 in the morning on a Floridian beach boardwalk. We were married on Nov 1 2009, and yes we had Dia de los Muertos wedding. Check out the new photos! We set up our own photo booth, which was a very beautiful way of capturing our friends and family.
Right now we live in a house downtown, with a very large urban garden.
I love my salon and Morrey just had her 11th birthday.

This is now
2009-10-17 06:05:36 ET

I have changed, my life is different, but I like it.
I look back on my last entry and I wonder what the hell I was writing?
I have no idea.

Ill tell you about myself and I hope to resurrect this journal.

My hair is long, all the people I knew are gone.
I love where I am actually. My bedroom overlooks the city, but I keep the windows drawn.
The city is still my cradle, a place where I lay my head every night, my sister soul. I look her in her face everyday, I walk along her heart. I am happy.
Right now I see where I am and where Im going. My past looks like a lucid dream, a zombis memory. I am truly living right now, and I feel amazing.
There is no more smoke in my head.

Im getting married in two weeks. My dress makes me look like a super hero, and right now I fucking feel like one.

2007-12-29 13:01:12 ET


time flys....

thankfully when you update this thing
it keeps track of the date.

My life has been better....
I never made the mistake to go back.

The number one things that bothers me the
most is myself. I feel old. I look old.

I don t look anywhere near how I used.
Overtime I ve removed one piercing after
the next and today I forget I ever had them.

I always told myself I d never change.
Sometimes it happens, it doesn t have to be
on purpose....

2006-03-20 19:27:15 ET

The worst thing you could do to yourself, is to do
something out of desperation.

Everytime I start to hurt... I remind myself...


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