At the carriage company....
2004-07-08 10:21:27 ET

Yesterday.....the stable manager asked if she could trim up my undercut....... ?
That mean she is going to use the HORSE clippers!
Is this mandatory, Huskarl?
If you re of the Rivet pursuasion YOU MUST have your head trimmed with horse clippers..... at one time or another.
You re a poseur!

Things have changed
2004-06-10 06:13:10 ET

Boo, it has been awhile since I gave this place a real update.

Peter and I split. About three months ago. We stayed
living together and we still felt a severe closeness.
He hit the road about four days ago. I just got an e-mail
telling me how much he misses me. I really miss him too.

I started a new job. Horse carriage driving, downtown.
It is awesome. I drove a carriage for the first time
last night. I can t believe how many people wanted rides.
Even on a Wed night. I am sore, but its GREAT.
They don t care about my hair or my piercings. WHoot!

SO that is all for now, pose me questions and I ll give
you answers!

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2004-05-21 22:04:22 ET

I can not fucking seem to be able to cheer myself up.

2004-05-19 17:19:17 ET

Did anyone else go to Convergence?

I did...It was interesting.
The whole thing was weird. The whole idea behind it is
supposed to be directed towards the "goth" internet subkulture,
but it definately had a very strong rivet presence.
In all reality...I thought it was rather pathetic.
I still had fun...and I sold some fake hair. Check out my hair site:
My favorite part was the night of the last official day.
I had this whole vibe everyone was scrambling
to make that Special last minute hook up.

Weird parents...
2004-02-15 05:43:08 ET

Ever since about 93 my Mom had always
bought us Valentines gifts.

Well, since my Mother had her stroke things have been you can imagine....WELL I KNOW things are
going to be different, BUT I didn t know weird things were
going to happen....
I ve been helping my parents a lot. They live about 20mins
south....and her Rehab is about 45 min to the NW.
I always have to drive her home too and I usually go back
home or to work for about 5-6 you can imagine
these can make for rather long days. O.o tired
SO YA! the point of this post.
This is how life used to be.
I would go and visit and Dad would bitch and grumble at me
and tell me "You need to get a real job and blah blah blah.
You need to take out those piercings, go to school be
So now I m trying my best to be responsible!
Yesterday he called me at work and he was like...
"When do you got off?" "Do you work both jobs today?"
I informed him that I did and that afterwards I was heading
straight I decided to squeeze in a visit between
the two.
He bought me a Valentines gift...some cute little
chocolates wrapped to look like some Pansys. He has also
been REALLY super nice. Things have changed...and for the
better. Dad sees that I AM no longer a kid.

I m a playful person....I talk silly and I think I m a
cat. I have weird hair, a weird job and piercings.
Ummm, ya...that makes me a lil different, but I m still
a person who lives and works and takes care of an
apartment, a cat, a dog...AND a boyfriend. BLAH!

So ya....I think he is getting the picture and I m glad.
Dad has been much more of a joy to be around and we don t
argue every time I m there....fuck, if we did...that would
be A lot of arguing.... :P

I need a vacation...preferably a cruise.

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