Weird parents...
2004-02-15 05:43:08 ET

Ever since about 93 my Mom had always
bought us Valentines gifts.

Well, since my Mother had her stroke things have been you can imagine....WELL I KNOW things are
going to be different, BUT I didn t know weird things were
going to happen....
I ve been helping my parents a lot. They live about 20mins
south....and her Rehab is about 45 min to the NW.
I always have to drive her home too and I usually go back
home or to work for about 5-6 you can imagine
these can make for rather long days. O.o tired
SO YA! the point of this post.
This is how life used to be.
I would go and visit and Dad would bitch and grumble at me
and tell me "You need to get a real job and blah blah blah.
You need to take out those piercings, go to school be
So now I m trying my best to be responsible!
Yesterday he called me at work and he was like...
"When do you got off?" "Do you work both jobs today?"
I informed him that I did and that afterwards I was heading
straight I decided to squeeze in a visit between
the two.
He bought me a Valentines gift...some cute little
chocolates wrapped to look like some Pansys. He has also
been REALLY super nice. Things have changed...and for the
better. Dad sees that I AM no longer a kid.

I m a playful person....I talk silly and I think I m a
cat. I have weird hair, a weird job and piercings.
Ummm, ya...that makes me a lil different, but I m still
a person who lives and works and takes care of an
apartment, a cat, a dog...AND a boyfriend. BLAH!

So ya....I think he is getting the picture and I m glad.
Dad has been much more of a joy to be around and we don t
argue every time I m there....fuck, if we did...that would
be A lot of arguing.... :P

I need a vacation...preferably a cruise.

2004-02-16 03:35:36 ET


I need one too. :/

2004-02-16 14:18:46 ET

Didn t you go on a vacation a few months ago....

2004-02-16 16:50:12 ET

yes. I need another one already, life is intense.

2004-02-19 11:25:47 ET

My parents get me Valentines stuff too. Friends think it is strange, but I look forward to it every year, I think it's sweet. It's kinda like you aren't their little grrl anymore, but they wish you still were.

Oooh, I still get an Easter basket too.

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