Mmmmmm wild wings~
2003-11-18 18:26:28 ET

One of the grrls I work with also works at BW3s.
I just got back from there and she gave me LOTS of free
She even gave me some to take home....
Ya know....its one of those foods I couldn t partake in
Its messy, and kinda gross, but damn its good when your...uh...hungry...yea, thats it...hungry.....

I think it rates up there with Hooters food....


I LOVE Reno 911
2003-11-17 19:04:38 ET

Ummm, doktor...I just wanted to tell MAY find a small...small trace of THC in my blood...well!
I had to break up a party and there had been pot smoke in the air."
"now I know! There may not be any trace....but just in case."

2003-11-11 17:30:21 ET

Sooooo.....we MAY have a new place...there WILL be a
spare bedroom. WHICH means! I can have my friends stay if they come and visit! WHOOT!
We are planning on moving the 25th...two days before thanksgiving.
Hopefully we can get it all done that day...and then I can
clean the next two days and maybe even enjoy da holiday.

2003-10-22 05:37:54 ET

My friend bought this wool at a semi(OH)local wool fair.
Theys be reeeal soft and silky and they looks likes real dreads.
They also have a bit of a curl to can t really see it cause I
have them in little ball things.
So since my original outfit will not arrive to me in time, and I am forced to
do all this at the last minute. I m going EGL style and was wondering if yous
guys thought it would look better if the dreads were short baby ones...or long?

Clockwise from Top: Grey w/tourq sparkle crap, Purplish-Blue w/black and black
sparkle crap, Magenta w/black, and Black

~does a lil dance~
2003-09-19 18:08:23 ET

My birthday is Monday!
My friend Matt is taking me to this art show on sat...for my birthday!

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