2003-10-22 05:37:54 ET

My friend bought this wool at a semi(OH)local wool fair.
Theys be reeeal soft and silky and they looks likes real dreads.
They also have a bit of a curl to them.....you can t really see it cause I
have them in little ball things.
So since my original outfit will not arrive to me in time, and I am forced to
do all this at the last minute. I m going EGL style and was wondering if yous
guys thought it would look better if the dreads were short baby ones...or long?

Clockwise from Top: Grey w/tourq sparkle crap, Purplish-Blue w/black and black
sparkle crap, Magenta w/black, and Black

2003-10-22 07:47:02 ET

oh baby oh baby oh baby!

that is some gorgeous fiber.

Long. long silky dreds. that's my vote. :)

huskarl has something for you from me. :D

2003-10-22 07:52:13 ET

I heard!
Hopefully he will bring it with him on Thur.
Im excited.

2003-10-22 07:57:21 ET

heh heh heh.

2003-11-11 17:32:06 ET

hmmm while not being attached to someone's head I must say it does look kinda scary snake-like

2003-11-11 17:36:47 ET


By the way it wasn t Beast..my friend confused me...that was a
different roving. Beast is carded together from different fibers.
THIS stuff was MOHAIR and it started shedding like a MO FO!!!!
Sky, do you have any suggestions on blends that we should look for
to keep it from shedding so much?

It was sooo awesome in...and of course I never did get any
photos.....I m bad about that, even though its readily available
for me to.

2003-11-11 21:42:53 ET

hmmm...tighter twist can keep it from shedding so much. it may not have been spun tightly enough. longer fibers usually don't shed too much either. it could be that the stuff they sold you was the short hairs from the goat. the undercoat is made up of short hairs and is usually ditched because it doesn't make good fiber, though some unscrupulous folks sell it anyway.

look for long fibers and a good twist. mohair from adult goats is also much smoother and wiry and doesn't hold together well. it's too smooth to make good yarn or dreds for that matter, even if the fibers are long. I can't see it clearly in your pic but I'm wondering if the mohair there is really smooth. that could be the problem.

2003-11-13 19:39:51 ET

well, it was spun on a hand spindle....and we felted it twice(by boiling)
Maybe some more hard core felting?

2003-11-13 19:45:40 ET

felting sounds like a good idea. definitely.

2003-11-13 19:47:22 ET

when you felt are you agitating as well as exposing it to hot water? that really gets it to stick. :) rinsing it in water that's a different temp from the first water will also make it felt better. I found this out accidentally. :D

2003-11-16 07:57:57 ET

yep yep....the first time it was HOT soapy water and then we rinsed it in cold water w/vineger.
I then boiled it...but I had to let it cool over night, cause I had to go to bed.

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