I LOVE Reno 911
2003-11-17 19:04:38 ET

Ummm, doktor...I just wanted to tell you...you MAY find a small...small trace of THC in my blood...well!
I had to break up a party and there had been pot smoke in the air."
"now I know! There may not be any trace....but just in case."

2003-11-17 19:05:19 ET

It's such a great show

2003-11-17 19:11:46 ET

thats how i feel. haha.

i miss comedy central :(

2003-11-18 08:28:17 ET

hahahah! I LOVE THAT SHOW!

Too bad we don't get it in Israel.. :/

"..They think I tried to kill myself. They've never been so nice to me..!"

2003-11-18 10:35:10 ET

man i gotta watch that.

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