2003-11-11 17:30:21 ET

Sooooo.....we MAY have a new place...there WILL be a
spare bedroom. WHICH means! I can have my friends stay if they come and visit! WHOOT!
We are planning on moving the 25th...two days before thanksgiving.
Hopefully we can get it all done that day...and then I can
clean the next two days and maybe even enjoy da holiday.

2003-11-11 19:17:16 ET

congrats on the new apartment/house/whatever it may be! much excitement for you!

2003-11-13 19:42:20 ET

Thank You....I m still waiting to hear if it is "official"
It ws lable as condo...but it is just a house/double that
was built in the 1900s...soooo neato.

2003-11-13 20:08:57 ET

ooo! i'm envious. sounds interesting

2003-11-13 20:12:38 ET


there enough room for a spinning wheel? :D

2003-11-16 08:00:30 ET

oooooh yea.....
I was spying the one my aunt had...I think it was one that
belonged to me grandmother at one point....I asked my other aunt
and she was like...."well I can spin, but its been awile."
Mwa ha ha ha ah ha!

2003-11-16 08:02:15 ET

YES! Confiscate the spinning wheeel! DO IT! :D

2003-11-16 08:03:48 ET

hehhehe...I wish....

2003-11-16 08:06:21 ET

can your aunt spin? does she use it? *laughs* there surely has to be some way you can Guilt her into Giving It to you. ;)

2003-11-16 08:07:55 ET

nah, I wouldn t even bother....it was willed to her...and yes it is covered in dust....but I think it has more meaning than anything.
one day though....one day........

2003-11-16 08:10:40 ET

*nods* can't argue with sentimental meaning. maybe she'll let you use it when you visit there. :)

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