Mmmmmm wild wings~
2003-11-18 18:26:28 ET

One of the grrls I work with also works at BW3s.
I just got back from there and she gave me LOTS of free
She even gave me some to take home....
Ya know....its one of those foods I couldn t partake in
Its messy, and kinda gross, but damn its good when your...uh...hungry...yea, thats it...hungry.....

I think it rates up there with Hooters food....

2003-11-21 15:02:40 ET

how is Hooters food? I've never had it. I can't get past the "will you have breasts with those fries?"

2003-11-21 18:31:16 ET

heheh, ummm its ok.
Last tme i went I had a was reallly good.
I guess they re supposed to be famous for their wings....
I didn t think they were that great...BW3s are way better.

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