At the carriage company....
2004-07-08 10:21:27 ET

Yesterday.....the stable manager asked if she could trim up my undercut....... ?
That mean she is going to use the HORSE clippers!
Is this mandatory, Huskarl?
If you re of the Rivet pursuasion YOU MUST have your head trimmed with horse clippers..... at one time or another.
You re a poseur!

2004-07-08 14:25:23 ET

I actually do have pictures of my friend Erika trimming me with horse clippers last year. It doesn't hurt, but it is very loud.

2004-07-11 05:27:21 ET

I heard they get hot rather quickly?

2004-07-11 05:44:46 ET

They may, because they're large. It doesn't take that long to do a person though, and I think big animals don't mind because of their thick skin. Just like they don't mind another horse massaging them with its teeth.

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