Things have changed
2004-06-10 06:13:10 ET

Boo, it has been awhile since I gave this place a real update.

Peter and I split. About three months ago. We stayed
living together and we still felt a severe closeness.
He hit the road about four days ago. I just got an e-mail
telling me how much he misses me. I really miss him too.

I started a new job. Horse carriage driving, downtown.
It is awesome. I drove a carriage for the first time
last night. I can t believe how many people wanted rides.
Even on a Wed night. I am sore, but its GREAT.
They don t care about my hair or my piercings. WHoot!

SO that is all for now, pose me questions and I ll give
you answers!


2004-06-11 16:12:56 ET

How many hours do you go out at a time ?

How are the fish tattoos doing ?

Have you been to the Borders on Market Street yet? the one in the old bank ?

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