2006-03-20 19:27:15 ET

The worst thing you could do to yourself, is to do
something out of desperation.

Everytime I start to hurt... I remind myself...

2006-03-20 19:35:31 ET

...thank you

2006-03-20 19:53:31 ET

It's very true.

2006-03-20 19:55:37 ET

I don't get it
how were you desparate?

2006-03-20 22:08:14 ET

How was I desperate?
Well that all depends...
How much do I want someone to notice me?
How much do I want to make some one love me?
How much do I really not want to spend the rest of my life with him?

First, I don t, I don t want him to notice me. I don t care anymore...

Second, You can t make someone love you, so there is nothing you can do to change stop, before you do something idiotic.

Third, a bunch...I was going to marry him. I would have been stuck
for the rest of my life with a man that wants to remind me, like
clockwork, how I lie....about ONE FREEKING thing.
He wants to verbally and emotionally abuse me...
He manipulate every conversation...
WHY would I want to do something desperate to keep him?

I don t.

2006-03-20 22:11:30 ET

you certainly shouldn't be continously punished for lying once
and minipulated conservation are rarely productive because they stunt sharing ideas

2006-03-20 23:09:09 ET

eh my lots a lonely one
I've been idiotic more times than I can remember
so I guess desparation is my only state
so I must act with in that state
eh my lots a lonely one

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